Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Be More Present, Make More Memories

Photography c /o: Nickie Graybill Photography
Gift box c /o: LitJoy Crate

There is no better part of my day than the times I take to get down on the floor with Hudson and just play with him! I am on his level, we chat back and forth, pass balls, read books, colour, whatever he wants to do! These are the moments where my phone is charging in a different room, the tv is off and there are no distractions. Just Hudson and mama, mama and Hudson. 

One of my goals this coming new year is to be more present and involved in all the little moments of the day to day life. One item I have found that really helps me do this is our Lit Joy Crate that comes in the mail! One box is filled with so many fun little items for you and your little one. This sleepy time box came with a sippy cup, happy baby snack pouch, sticky stars for the roof, a bath time mitt and two bed time books for Hudson! It also came with, a sample of yummy relaxing tea and a code for one free chatbook for me! So many items to help us relax for bedtime AND make memories.

They have SO many options for different themed crates and for children of all ages. For the month of January you can use code Holiday15 for 15% off of your first crate! 

Lets all make one of our goals this year to be more present and make more memories with the people we love!



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