Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Transition From Baby To Toddler

Moccasins c/o: Freshly Picked
Bomber jacket c /o: The Red Closet Shop

Did the month of October fly by for anyone else?! I'm not super happy about it because it was such a fun month full of Autumn festivities like pumpkin patches all day every day! Hudson loved to run to each pumpkin and give them kisses and little love taps. He has even learned how to say pumpkin! (It comes out more like "pumpinnnn") Either way, October has come and gone and here we are three days in to November. November can be a great month too right? Even though it most likely means the beginning of the dreaded snow. However, it is also the month of thanks so it does have that going for it. (If you're reading this from the great white north of Canada, I apologize that November has nothing to offer you...except hey you can start celebrating Christmas right this minute because you don't have another holiday standing in your way!...So wait.. November rocks for you too!)

Anyways, I'm not here to talk about how cool or sucky all the months of the year are. I'm actually here today to talk about the fact that my sweet baby Hudson seems to officially have made the transition to a toddler. Or he's still making that the temper tantrums stop once they are official toddlers? Please say yes. ( I know the answer is no).

As soon as Hudson could finally walk without toppling over every few steps we realized he is a toddler. I remember the moment pretty vividly. Hubs and I sitting on the couch just watching H walk back and forth from us to the built in cabinet to pull one diaper out at a time and throw it on the floor saying "ohhhhh" each time. Hubs looked at me and said "we have a toddler" I could almost see the fear in his eyes and hear a tremble in his voice. ha. Those scary toddlers.

The transition has been a little overwhelming. All of the sudden H throws the most random tantrums about who knows what. Literally though... who knows?! Then he just stops mid tantrum and says something that makes him happy like  "ball""boon(balloon) "sun" "touch down" etc. and he returns to his happy little self. *insert bug eye emoji* because what the heck just happened!
It's also overwhelming because he has let go of the whole hand holding stage of life. Literally let go. He won't let you help him do anything. Which has resulted in so many bumps, bruises and scrapes. Oh my little adventure boy. I'm going to have a stroke by this kids second birthday.

Some things that have helped us with this transition are:

1. Teaching Hudson how to sign. He knows a ton of verbal words which is amazing too and so helpful but having him sign has been a life saver. Sometimes when he is upset, I can't understand the words he is trying to speak but when he can sign them to me instead I know better how to help him. You can start signing with babies as early as you want to and it might surprise how young they can start signing back! Even simple ones like milk, more, and all done are so helpful for them to learn to communicate their needs. This lessens the melt downs for sure!

2. Freshly Picked Moccasins. These soft sole shoes are so great for the transition from crawling to walking. They stay on their feet and give them great mobility to move and they give great traction and grip for their little feet! For Hudson these shoes have been the best since day one but they have been even better now that he is walking and running. Plus we need good quality now that the shoes are really getting worn in. Freshly Picked is the best of the best when it comes to quality that's for sure!

3. Patience. SO MUCH PATIENCE. I am constantly reminding myself that the transition from baby to toddler is extremely hard on Hudson too. He is learning how to figure out different emotions and to express them. He is trying so hard to communicate what is on his mind. He has a lot of wants and needs and to him they are all needs so I am doing my best to help him figure it all out. Honestly, this kid has so much patience for me too.

The transition from baby to toddler can be hard on everyone but at the end of the day we just soak up the snuggles and kisses and know we can try again tomorrow.

What do you find helps you and your baby when it comes to this transition in life?!



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