Friday, July 1, 2016

The Best Long Weekend Ever

Photos: Anchored Image
Roundie towel c /o: Swim zip
Stars blanket c /o: Aden and Anais
#Merica tank c /o: Sandi Lake Clothing
Hudson's sun hat c /o: Little Sun Hat

We will be spending this warm long weekend celebrating THREE things! Canada Day, Indepence Day AND my 27th Birthday! Wait…I'm turning TWENTY SEVEN!? Ah! Honestly, I had to ask my husband if that was actually correct haha. 

Canada has always been one of my favourite days to celebrate! We would always go to the parade, sometimes ride in the parade, have a BBQ, go for hikes, just spend lots of fun with our family and friends. Such a fun day! Oh and of course fireworks. Now that I live in the US and have a little family of my own, I still want to celebrate this day. It's a part of who I am and also a part of who Hudson is! So as we raise our little family we will make this day just as special as if we were in Canada to celebrate it! 

Independence Day is so fun here in the US! There is so so much to do and so many fun memories to make! I'm excited to continue celebrating this Holiday as a family as well. We will take any extra days with Daddy off of work! Bring on more parades, candy, food and fun!

My birthday…well where do I begin… This passed year has been the most amazing in SO many ways. It has also brought the most growth for me. Becoming a mom at twenty six helped me in a lot of different ways to find myself. It made me figure out my priorities, helped me figure out my strengths AND my weaknesses, it has made me ME. Is that weird to find yourself at twenty six? Odd that becoming a mom pushed me to become exactly who I have always been meant to be? I really have grown to LOVE myself during my twenty sixth year of life. I have found more patience than I ever thought possible, figured out who I want to be as a parent, I have also figured out more than ever who I am as an individual. By that I mean that I found my own passions and have followed them without hesitation and I am really proud of that. Most importantly though, this year, I have grown in SO MUCH LOVE. I feel more love for myself and for those around me than I have ever felt before. Honestly, twenty-six has been my favourite year yet! So I can't wait to see what twenty-seven has in store!

I hope you all have a fantastic long weekend, spent with family and friends and making the best memories! Thank you for sharing along in my little journey over here!



  1. Love you, sweet daughterinlaw! Whew! Glad you clarified your age there, I had to think twice. Have the most happiest of holidays and beautiful birthday celebration. I don't know too many people who have huge firework shows for their birthdays �� You must be pretty special! I'm so glad to have you join our crazy family. I assume that whole "finding patience thing" could have something to do with becoming a Hiatt?! We can be a lot to take sometimes. ������
    Stay strong and keep taking things one day at a time. Love you!! ❤️❤️❤️

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