Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On the Go Accessories

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Stroller c /o: Nuna// Diaper bag c /o: Fawn Design// Wooden toys c /o: Otherware & Little Sapling Toys// Teething necklace c /o: Chewable Charm// Nursing cover c /o: Copper Pearl// Play mat c /o: Gathre

With the weather finally warming up, you will find us outside every chance we get! Getting out of the house with a baby is a lot different than getting out on your own. There is so much to think about and pack up and make sure you have for all of your adventures big and small. So here is a list of my must have on the go accessories!

1. A reliable and awesome stroller. As much as I LOVE to wear Hudson, sometimes we have way too much stuff to bring with us and so a great stroller really helps us with that! The Nuna Tavo is great! It's perfect for helping Hudson sit up and look around at everything and then it is also perfect for if he starts to fall asleep because it lays ALL the way flat and the hood covers all the way down. Making for a dark and cozy place to rest his little eyes. There is also a good sized storage bin under neath where we like to keep blankets, our play mat, books, snacks, etc. A good stroller is a must!

2. A diaper bag/backpack. Having a diaper bag that can be a back pack is a serious must. It helps keep your hands and arms free to move around, push a stroller or hold a baby. It is perfect! We love our Fawn Design bag because it can be a back pack or a messenger bag. We also love it because you can seriously fit your whole life into this thing with room to spare! I am always amazed at just how much room is in this thing!

3. Teething toys and jewelry. Having stuff to keep Hudson occupied and busy is definitely something we have to plan for when we head out! This kid is a busy bee and so we make sure to pack lots of toys and of course things he can chew on…because he will. I almost always head out the door with chewable jewelry on and I definitely always have a few wooden toys in the diaper bag. We love the wooden options because they are safe annnnd adorable! After Hudson had a reaction to a plastic toy I did a lot of research and ended up deciding to just stock up on fun more safe options!

4. A nursing cover. All you nursing mama's know that a full coverage cover is a must have! Now that Hudson is older and REFUSES to nurse under a cover (makes things interesting while we are out. Oh well!) we use our cover for different things like a shopping cart cover, highchair cover at restaurants or a blanket while we are outdoors! These covers have so many different uses!

5. A easy to clean play mat. No that Hudson has started to eat some solids (some..not a lot..) and we are doing baby led weaning, he LOVES to make a mess! So our Gathre play mat is perfect! It is easy to wipe down and I don't worry about making a mess on it like I would with a cute blanket. It is perfect for any and all outdoor activities! It will be joining us on all our Summer time picnics!

Well there you have it! My list of must have on the go accessories that will make all of your adventures more easy going and enjoyable!



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