Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Baby on the Go = Mom on the Go

Hudson: Jumper c /o: June and January// Bib c /o: Copper Pearl// Moccs c /o: Freshly Picked// Tag toy c /o: Munchkin Lane Boutique// Teether c /o: OtherWare
Myself: Top & Shoes c /o: Jane

Hudson is really starting to be go-go-go allll of the time! This kid does not sit still! He is starting to become more mobile on his own, rolling over and over again from one end of the room to the other. If he's not able to do it on his own he wants your help, like standing up! We are not quite sure when the whole crawling thing will happen since he HATES being on his stomach still…except to sleep…figure that one out. I cherish every moment that he will snuggle me quietly and just be still. Those moments growing fewer and farther between. Where is my baby going?! It's a pity they grow so fast.

With such an active baby, my mom-a-form has got to be just as active and easy to move around in. However, it still needs to be cute! It also needs to be able to get dirty without me freaking out about it haha. The perfect site for this kind of outfit is definitely Jane. It is an awesome daily deals site! With options from clothes for mom, baby, kids, and even home decor and more! 

So if you've got an active babe on your hands too and you need a versatile wardrobe that still makes you feel stylish…or you are just in to daily deals (who isn't!?) Go check out Jane!


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  1. Such a cute boy and what lovely clothes. Perfect to keep his body clean and protected from germs on the floor, especially his knees and elbows. I will surely check them out for my nephew.


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