Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mama Must Have #7- By my side

Photos by: Anchored Image
Diaper bag c /o: LilyJadeCo// My top c /o: Joah Brown// Jean c /o: Aeropostale
Hudson's booties c /o: Freshly Picked// Tee c /o: Elemenotees (on sale!)// Beanie and Cardigan: Beau + Hudson// Bandana bib c /o: Bee and the Bear

I have TWO things by my side at all times.

1. Hudson - this kid cannot seem to get enough of me! ….secretly I'm fine with it. Okay…openly I'm fine with it! Also I need to go back in time and eat my words of just how "hard" it would be to dress a boy. In my mind the only boy clothes our there are full of trucks and footballs and things and while those are fine and dandy…they don't cut it around here because I am OBSESSED with clothes! The only thing more fun than dressing myself is dressing this little chunk! (dressing his dad is stressful because all I hear is ….." but whhhhhhy" like a two year old…eye roll.

2. A solid diaper bag. THIS Lily-Jade bag is so solid. It contains so many pockets, which I never realized was going to be so important. As Hudson gets older I am required to bring more things along in the diaper bag than just diapers, wipes and an extra set of clothes. We now need toys, favourite blanket, favourite book, things that are chewable, teething tablets, binkies and so on and so forth. All the pockets make it so easy to just reach in an grab exactly what you are looking for and not rummage around while your little one hoots and hollers. The other amazing thing about this bag is it has THREE different ways of being carried. This makes life so much easier. You can arm carry, shoulder/cross body carry or make it into a backpack! Basically I love this bag…I also love that it is so stylish I don't have to worry about switching all of my stuff over to another bag if I am heading out on my own. (Like that ever happens…haha.) 

** Stay tuned for pictures of the inside along with my mama must haves INSIDE of a diaper bag!**