Monday, December 7, 2015

Mama Must Have #4 & #5

Hudson's bed c/ o: Dock A Tot// Muslin blanket c /o: Margaux and May

Our next mommy must have is a serious sleeping miracle! Part of me is sure we just got lucky with a good sleeping baby (minus the last week) haha…babies… anyways! When Hudson was a new fresh baby he slept on my chest a lot because if we put him in his pack n play or crib he was so so sad and felt so uncomfortable. Once we got out dock for him to sleep in it was life changing! Hudson started sleeping through the night in it almost immediately! It is also perfect for co-sleeping while you are still nursing in the night. The dock is so comfy and cozy that it helps baby feel like he is being snuggled up in your arms. The material has been tested and certified for safe breathing so you do not have to worry about baby. If you follow the safe sleeping guidelines this is the most perfect bed for your brand new baby! They also have two sizes. The smaller size is meant for babies up to around 8 months and then the next size up after that. Hudson loves his dock so much that we will be able to use it for an easier transition into his crib. The best thing about it? We can easily bring it with us when we travel to Canada for the Holidays! The cover zips off and the rest folds up so you can pack it in your suitcase OR you can easily bring it as one of your carry on items. Bottom line is as new mamas we could all use the extra sleep that we can get! Dock A Tot will give you just that! …Just keep in mind that babies are babies and if they are hungry or need some extra love they will still wake in the night no matter what they are sleeping in! ;)

Next mommy must have is something I have to share with you before the holidays so you can add it to your wish list! Hey June Shop has the most beautiful keepsake jewelry! All the gems are for the months of the year and are so pretty! I love my little month of August necklace for our anniversary and the day of Hudson's birth. You can add this to your wish list and make sure to order before DECEMBER 11 so you can use code : LAUREN20 for 20% off your order!


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