Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Love Sweet Love

Mommy and me tees c /o: The Love More Shop

For some reason this post has just been so hard for me to write. I think it's because there really isn't more that is needed to be said than I believe we need to "Love More".

However, I will expand on it anyways because well we all know I am long winded and like to ramble! It helps my heart.

Becoming a mom changes you in a lot of ways. At least I know it has definitely changed me. Even just in this small time frame of four months I feel like the person I am is so different than the person I was before Hudson came into this world. This world. It can be a scary and hateful place. With so much bad in this world and so much evil always being spread around and focused on in the news and social media, I can hardly stand thinking about what it will all be like as Hudson gets older. I forever want to scoop him into my arms and kiss him, hold him and protect him from what is out there.

Unfortunately I know that I won't always be able to protect him from others choices. What I can do is raise HIM to love more. To be the kind of person I hope people will be to him. I want to always raise Hudson with love. Raise him to be compassionate. Raise him to have a tender voice and be understanding and open minded to others. I want to raise Hudson to be a man that everyone will be proud to call their friend, son, husband and father. 

It is hard to think about my sweet little boy becoming a toddler, becoming a teenager, becoming a grown man. I often wonder what he will become. What will he like? What will he dislike? What paths will he choose? 

Whatever it is, my hope for my sweet little H is that he always knows he is loved and that he always will be loved. I hope that because he is raised in love that he will be able to love more and to show it. 

As parents in these hard days we have the ability to raise the next generation and to turn this world around. That is my focus as I continue to raise this special little boy…. in love so that he is able to love more.



  1. you guys are too cute! love your matching tees! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. such great pictures, and I love what you've written here. I want the same for my daughter, too. I'm definitely already that potentially annoying mom who says "I love you" all. the. time. but she needs to know!!



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