Monday, December 21, 2015

Mama Must Have #6 -It Takes A Village

First off…are you guys sick of seeing pics of us in our comfies and in the bedroom?! *embarrassed face* But hey it is stinkin cold and gloomy out there and Hudson says no to being outside…I promise to spice things up a bit here soon! ;)

And now for the main event…our next mama must have is an APP…yup they've got an app for that.

I'm sure you've heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child." 
As a new mom I can definitely agree with that! There are so many times that you wonder what to do or if something is normal or just plain ol' need another mom who has been there, to talk to! There are times when it's not a question for a doctor or paediatrician it's something only another mama could answer for you! That's where the Village For Parents app comes in handy! This app is so fun and so helpful. You sign up FREE and create a profile. Then you can view recent questions from other parents and you can lend a helping hand with an answer! OR if you find yourself wondering something like "my baby has a cold, what kind of things do you find helpful?" and other parents will give you some tips and tricks! You can ask any kind of question! The app itself is super user friendly and easy to navigate. You can check it out HERE!

When it comes to raising a child and also having peace of mind… Village For Parents App has got you covered. Because, sometimes you just need that little extra helping hand.


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  1. Love these mama must haves keep it up! I am DYING to see your nursery though... not sure if you are posting it but I seriously love your simple yet pretty way of decorating things.


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