Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Three Months Of Hudson

Month Blanket c/ o: Batz Kids// Thanksgiving shirt c/ o: Sandi Lake Clothing

Taking pictures with this kid is basically a riot. His facial expressions always changing, he has killer dance moves, and he is always like "okay mom I hate this but I'll just lay here and be good for you cause I know you love it." Awe Hudson…such a nice boy!

I swear the months are passing by faster and faster and I kind of hate it / kind of love it… it's a toss up!
Right now though I feel like I have the best of both worlds because Hudson is still SO snuggly but when he's awake he wants to play play play and he is such a chatter box! Plus he makes the funniest faces. 

Hudson is going through some kind of mad growth spurt at the moment which has him no longer sleeping through the night…bummer. However it has meant more naps during the day so naps all around for this mama and baby! My favourite is having naps together because he is so warm and cozy and loves to hang on to my shirt or hair to make sure I don't let him go. When he wakes up we just kind of look at each other like "that was a good one..thanks!" and then once I say "Hi baby!" he gives me a big ol' grin. It's the cutest.

We left Hudson so we could go on a date night to see the new Hunger Games movie. I was a HOT mess all week leading up to leaving him. I haven't spent more than a 20 minute shower away from him since he was born. I about had a heart attack and cried half way to the theatre. I had to keep reminding myself "this does not make me a bad mom." haha. oy. Kid didn't even know I was gone!! But he sure did know when I was back! He nursed forever and then we snuggled most of the night away. My mom keeps telling me I'm obsessed with him….I totally am! haha. How could I not be!

One big milestone that happened recently is Hudson rolling over from his tummy to his back! One day I laid him down on his tummy to do some tummy time, then I left for one second. When I came back he was laying on his back so I thought maybe I was going crazy and had put him down on his back. Then I placed him on his tummy again and there he went on to his back! I couldn't believe my eyes! He is now trying to learn how to go from his back to his tummy but no luck yet. 

Hudson is finally really fitting into his 0-3 month clothes..our tiny little man! So the newborn clothes are all packed away and we are even moving on to some 3-6 month clothes…that look pretty big but still cute! ha. I love this little babe of mine!

So here we are at 3 months old and I can't believe time is flying by so quickly! Before we know it it will be Christmas and Hudson will be another month old…life is crazy isn't it? Somethings feel like they were another lifetime ago and others feel like they happened just yesterday! I love being a mama to this sweet boy and can't wait for more milestones ahead! But pst hey baby H….can you always be my baby? Thanks, I love you to the moon and back.

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