Monday, November 23, 2015


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It's nearing the end of the month of thanks and I cannot believe how quickly each week is flying by over here. I kept thinking I had so much time to write a thankful post and now here we are only a few days from Thanksgiving. Story of my life though…I always tell myself that I have plenty of time to get things done and then wham the day is staring me straight in the face. Professional procrastinator right here.

As we say goodbye to November we will also be saying so long to Fall and hello to Winter. I get the worst mixed feelings about this EVERY single year. I haaaate the cold but I love how beautiful everything looks covered in snow. I also love all the fun memories I have and the wonderful ones waiting to be made during the Holidays.

Now back to business here. What am I thankful for?

I am thankful for a warm cozy home. I have realized how huge of a blessing this is over the last few years of having to pay rent and work hard to have a roof over my head. Growing up you don't realize how hard your parents work to provide something that seems so simple in a child's mind. I am so grateful to have such a blessing and to have such a hard working Husband who helps our little family have somewhere safe to be.

I am thankful to be a stay at home mom. It is my greatest joy and blessing to be able to raise this little boy of ours. I am so blessed that we are in a situation where I am able to stay home every day while my husband is at work.

I am thankful for said husband. I like to keep the tv at a 6 while he always turns it up to an 8. I like fancy expensive food while he prefers a taco stand on the corner. I love to take pictures of everything while he would rather never. I like to decorate our home while he finds it unnecessary. I like to clean and hate to tidy while he likes to tidy and hates to clean. He folds all the laundry but never hangs it up. I leave my dishes everywhere while he picks them all up. I pick up his socks that somehow only make it beside the laundry hamper. We complete each other and push each other to have different perspectives and to try new things. We are the exact of opposites but somehow it works!

I am thankful for a sweet baby boy named Hudson. I wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. Babies and kids have always just been my kind of people. So much joy and so much laughter! After having nieces and nephews and nannying for years I finally got my own little bundle of joy! There is nothing in this world like being a mama. Through all the tears, the poop, the barf, there are the milestones, the smiles, the giggles, and the snuggles. There is no greater joy in my life.

I am thankful for the families that we have on both sides. How would we ever get through life without family?! I am so grateful for technology that helps us to stay connected each and every day.

I am thankful for all of you that read this little blog of mine. I am always dumbfounded when I realize that people actually are out there reading what I have to write down! I am so grateful for the support form each and every one of you!

Happy Month of Thanks! I hope you all have the best week and get to spend it with the people you love.


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