Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mommy Must haves #1 The Owlet Baby Monitor

baby sock monitor c /o: Owlet Care

The last ten weeks have sure been an adventure with little Hudson! It's been fun to start to see what he likes and what he dislikes, what makes him laugh and what makes him cry, etc. It has also been an adventure to find what makes me anxious as a mom! 

One thing that I think most momma's can relate to would be leaving your baby alone in a room or having them sleep in a separate room. Even with Hudson sleeping in his pack n' play beside us in the first few weeks I was a wreck! Always asking Kev to make sure he's breathing and waking up in the night just to listen to his little breaths and then go back to sleep. When we settled into our new home we actually decided to try co sleeping. Which will be the topic of another mommy must haves post! For now though we are talking about the Owlet Baby Care monitor. Unlike video monitors which only work if you are up looking at the screen or if baby cries, the Owlet is "up all night so you don't have to be."

This little sock is pretty amazing! The monitor uses the same type of technology hospitals use to check heart rate and oxygen saturation. You can even check your babies heart rate and oxygen levels on your apple device which makes things quick and easy. If your little ones heart rate and oxygen levels reach alarming rates or dip too low an alarm on the base station will go off to wake you up. When all is well the base station flashes green. 

We LOVE our Owlet Baby Care monitor so much. It truly brings so much peace to a worrying parents mind. We haven't yet moved H into his own bed at night yet BUT did you know that a lot of SIDS cases have happened during nap time? I now feel so much more comfortable putting H down for a nap and getting stuff done around the house without checking in on him every few minutes! Also, we normally put him down for the night around 10 and I felt the need to just go to bed when he did even if I wasn't tired ( who am I kidding I am ALWAYS tired! haha ) BUT sometimes you need to stay up and have some time to watch a show with your hubby! So now we slip the monitor on and we can spend some much needed one on one time together without worrying. 

For more information and an awesome information video visit Owlet and to purchase your own Owlet Baby Care Monitor with a $20 discount go HERE.

It really is a mommy must have!



  1. I just heard about these from another blogger friend! They sound amazing! It is scary when you bring your baby home from the hospital and just want to stay by their crib all night. This is a great way to put your mind at ease!


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