Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mommy Must Have #2 -Cover Me Ponchos

Nursing Cover c /o: Cover Me Ponchos

A good nursing cover can be hard to come by! Lots sound promising but then turn out to not deliver the necessities! Such as all around coverage! Cover Me Ponchos definitely delivers when it comes to coverage, quality and style. They are also light weight yet at the same time not see through. Both VERY important qualities in a nursing cover. 

I absolutely love being able to go out and about and not worry about when Hudson will need to nurse because I just bring my nursing cover with me and he can eat wherever we are! So convenient! We are really starting to get the hang of this whole nursing thing in general especially the oh so daunting nursing in public! I even have the nursing while eating thing down to a science. 

It can be a little nerve racking to attempt nursing in public but Cover Me Ponchos has got you covered…literally!

A good nursing cover is ABSOLUTELY a mommy must have! It is at the very top of my list!



  1. What a great stylish way to feed baby in public! I have the typical nursing cover apron but always struggle at finding the right angle so baby is covered and myself!!

  2. I LOVE the nursing covers that go all the way around! They are like a million times better than the ones that just cover the front. And the pattern on this one is so cute!! (Also, I love your gallery wall!)



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