Monday, November 30, 2015

MaMa Must Have #3 A Treat For Mom and Babe

 Lactation Bars c /o: Oat Mama

For my mama must have number  three item it is something delicious for mama and baby! If you are a nursing mama then you know the concerns about if baby is getting enough milk or if the milk is filling them up as it should or just if you are making the kind of milk to meet babies needs. As women and moms I feel like we can be so hard on ourselves but hey we are moms and it is just natural worry about and want the best for our sweet little babes.

Oat Mama bars are a delicious way to ease your mind. They are full of wonderful ingredients that are meant to boost that milk supply such as brewer's yeast, rolled oats and ground flax. To add to the yumminess they also add flavours such as coconut dark chocolate, peanut butter, nut and berry and then their seasonal flavours right now are gingerbread and cranberry white chocolate! There has never been a more delicious way to take care of yourself and take care of baby! 

I keep my cookie jar stalked full with these, always have one or two in the diaper bag and one by the bed. Hey us nursing mamas are hungry okay!? 

Today for cyber monday Oat Mama is offering 15% off your entire order with code HOLIDAY15.
You do not want to miss out on their holiday flavours while they are in stock! Speaking of stock….these would actually make a wonderful stocking stuff for those nursing mamas in your life!



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