Thursday, November 26, 2015

Grateful for the hard times.

Her: watch c/ o: Arvo Wear// Pullover c /o: Indy Brand Clothing//
Him: Sweater c /o: Indy Brand Clothing
Baby: Shirt c /o: Sandi Lake Clothing// Moccasins c /o: Freshly Picked

I'm always an emotional person. However there is something about the Holidays that really turn me into the sappiest love song ever written. 
It might be because just a few years ago the holidays were kind of a sad hard time for our family. Now as I look back and then look at the present it gets me emotional to see how much has changed for all of us. Just how many blessings have been brought into our lives to help heal a whole mess of wounds. It is certainly the hardest thing in life to watch those you love go through things that hurt them, and it is hard to go through those things yourself as well. On the flip side it is definitely the most joyful thing to see those whom you love the most receive the sweetest of blessings and have things take a turn for the better. It is also the happiest feeling to have those blessings be brought into your own life also. 

My two biggest blessings are right in these pictures with me. How did I get so lucky? I think it has something to do with perseverance through those hard years. I believe we definitely earn our blessings. Did I ever think I would get so lucky with mine? I didn't. But I am sure glad these two are now in my life. I can remember a life without them but I don't know how I ever did it without them because it was never this sweet! 

I am grateful for the holidays. Not because I am not grateful all year round but because it gives me a time to look back and see just how far my life has come and just how many blessings I have received from year to year. In a way I guess I am grateful for those hard times so that I can really appreciate these ever so sweet times! 

Something else I am grateful for….TWO thanksgivings every year! One in October (Canadian) and one in November because it gives me two chances to be a sappy love song….and also the food because come



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