Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two Month Hudson

Hudson Boy,

How is it that you have been in our lives for only two months? Was there life before you? Not a complete one!

You are spicy. Oh. So. Spicy! I love every minute of your spiciness! You know what you want and when you want it and it is so funny to be learning your cries. We have your annoyed cry which is saying "guys I am just so annoyed right now!", the why is no one paying attention to me cry, the I am clearly starving where is my milk cry, the I pooped and you haven't yet changed me cry, and the little whimper after you get what you want… spicy I tell ya, spicy.

You have started to smile so so much and have let out a giggle or two. It is so much fun to have you smile at me and daddy when you see us and when we talk to you. You have also started to coo and mimic noises. Mostly when you are having play time with daddy!

You like to have your feet and toes kissed and when I boop your nose! You love to have me tell you what your name is and what my name is! 

Once daddy gets home from work there is no more nap time for you! You know you are about to get in some much needed one on one play time with your dad! 

You know when it is bed time and let us know that you are definitely ready to get your pjs on, get all swaddled up (arms out of course) and be rocked and nursed to sleep. This time of night is so special to me. 

You love your bath time and would stay in until the water got cold. You are our little fishy! Daddy and I prayed lots that we would have a water baby and you have definitely turned into just that! 

You adore being outside and going for walks is one of your favourite things to do! What will we do as it gets colder and colder?! Mama is scared!

You have found your hands and are just trying so hard to learn to control them. It is a frustrating task at hand but you are getting better and better each day. You have also realized you have control of your little legs and love to kick kick kick! The best part is how excited and proud of yourself you get when you do!

You are just the most alert baby and we love every minute we get to spend with you! Thank you for being such a good napper and letting mommy and daddy get the rest we need most nights! 

We adore your chubby little face and cannot wait to continue to watch you grow!



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