Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mom Bun Life.

Stroller c /o: Nuna// Shirt c /o: Hearts and Krafts// Blanket c /o: Shop Just Dawnelle// Baby Beanie: BeauHudson

The weather here in Utah is still pretty much roasting. However, the evenings are beginning to cool off and that's when we like to head outside for a stroll! It's perfect once daddy gets home and we need to escape from the house. Hudson absolutely LOVES to be outside and he is such an alert baby. When he is in his stroller his eyes are wide and he looks around at everything. That is why this NUNA stroller is perfect for him! It has enough structure and security for a newborn at the same time letting them explore this new world. It will also grow with him as he grows which will be so much fun! If you are in the market for a must have stroller this company has all the options you could think of! And with this perfect Autumn blanket to keep him cozy what more could we ask for on these cool Autumn nights.

On another note. I am totally getting the whole short mom hair thing. NO I am not cutting my hair off again. I vowed not too and made my hair dresser vow the same! But I get it. I have maybe worn my hair down 4 times in the last 7 weeks. It totally gets in the way while I am nursing him and he gets frustrated when it brushes across his face. Hudson is also starting to pull my hair when it is down…not fun. So most days it's the Mom Bun Life for me and really truly I am okay with it.

So cheers to warm days and chilly nights and to the mom bun life. 

Things are good over here.


  1. You rock that mom bun! And I love the fall colors starting to come through! Here in Idaho we've had fall for a few weeks, and it's been so fun!


  2. I think we're moms at a really great time, because we can throw our hair into buns and look put together and chic ;)



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