Thursday, October 1, 2015

Baby Wearing Love

Baby wrap c /o: Husband and co. Baby

I honestly love love love to have Hudson all wrapped up and close to me. It is the perfect way to carry him around whether we are just going for a walk or are out and about running errands or out with friends. The best part about it is just how much HE loves it. Even when we are at home and I can't seem to get him to settle into a good nap I will wrap him up and off he goes into dream land. He is definitely a snuggly baby and I love it! The best part for me is that I can have him close while I get to be hands free.

I've been stopped a few times to be asked if wearing him is comfortable and my honest answer is that it really is. The wrap gives complete support so that it is holding baby up and not you. You don't feel the weight of baby on you at all. Plus who doesn't want to get more snuggle time in wherever you can? All while putting a load of laundry in, doing the dishes, exercising, or just out for a nice stroll. Win win win if you ask me!...

...Now if the weather would just cool down a bit more so we weren't both sweating when he wakes up and I take him out! 

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  1. You're the cutest little mama ever. xo



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