Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ONE month

So I'm a week late on writing Hudson's one month update. I cannot believe how fast these last 5 weeks have flown by. A part of me feels really sad and another part of me is so proud of all three of us for making it through! I always worry that I am not soaking up every second that I possibly can but really these last few weeks have been such a great time to spend as a family of three. There have been plenty of laughs, plenty of tears and definitely a lot of yawning happening around these parts. 
Here are a few moments and highlights that I was to always remember…

The way you love to snuggle your mama right under my chin so that my face is touching yours.

The way you reach behind you to find my hand to hold while you eat.

How much you love your carseat anytime we have to put you in it. Not a peep is made, just sleeping is had.

When we took you to chalk the block in provo and you did so good! Until we had the misfortune of you pooping through your diaper and clothes and mommy trying to feed you under a far too small cover and dropping her boob pad on the floor of a restaurant and then forgetting to pick it up….someone had the misfortune of finding that later on. This day was either laugh or cry and oh man did your dad and I laugh at all of this! We changed you in the back of the jeep and fed you in the car and you were so good through it all.

How you LOVE to be wrapped tight to me and go for walks.

How bossy you are! When you need to eat you need it right now!

You love music!! Rocking out to Andy Grammer with Daddy is your favourite and listening to mommy sing you Taylor Swift is the best! 

You went from absolutely hating bath time to loving it so much! 

All the many grunts and growls and coos that you make! You are the noisiest baby I have ever met and there are SO many times that your daddy and I have laughed so hard at the noises you make. You are our little growly monster!

You are growing and growing and my little mama heart almost can't handle it…but I am so looking forward to continuing to watch you grow baby boy! Every long night and happy eventful day is worth every second! Our sweet little Hudson boy, you are so loved.


  1. This is so sweet! I'm so glad that you are enjoying your sweet baby boy so much. And even though it is sad how fast they grow, you'll feel like every stage is your favorite!

  2. this is so sweet!
    reading this makes me miss the newborn phase tbh :)


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