Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hudson Boy

August 26th at 9:20 in the morning we welcomed our sweet little boy into the world.
Love does not even begin to describe the feelings we have for this little one. I cannot wait to write up his birth story. Even though it wasn't the way we had planned it was nothing short of special and so amazing. We love you baby boy!

Hudson Cooper Hiatt

7 pounds 10 ounces
19 inches long
Chubby cheeks, long fingers and toes, luscious lips, the cutest button nose, long light hair, and extra snuggly always!

My heart is melting just writing this out and looking at this picture from the Hospital because he has already changed so much! ah! 

Thanks for joining in on our adventures through pregnancy….now let's continue this journey through mommy hood! 



  1. Such a darling boy! Congratulations to your family!!!!! :) Those first few weeks are exhausting, but are so beautiful. Enjoy them while they last!

  2. Congrats once again Lauren he's seriously a living doll. Enjoy the newborn stage while it lasts it goes by too quickly <3

    Dearest Lou


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