Monday, September 28, 2015

Breastfeeding tips and tricks.

Breastfeeding cover c /o: covered goods

Before we even thought about getting pregnant when I thought about breastfeeding I just wasn't sure it was something that I wanted to do. Now before you start throwing stones at me let me explain. I had witnessed a lot of negative experiences when it came to breastfeeding and it actually just frightened me. I am terrified of failure and I didn't want to try and have it not work out. Now do not get me wrong. You are NOT a failure if you cannot breastfeed your little ones but for me I just know I can be really hard on myself when things don't work out the way I plan for them to. 

Once I found out I was pregnant I did SO much thinking about how I was going to care for this baby. I still felt uncomfortable with breastfeeding but I was determined to educate myself as best I could so that I could make the best decision for me and for my baby.

I decided to go to a local lactation consults breastfeeding class. This is THE best decision I made when it came to this topic. I left that class feeling so positive and confident that I WANTED to breastfeed and that that would be the best choice for us. I also decided to go into it open minded. If breastfeeding went well then great, if it didn't go well and it was effecting baby and I negatively then that was ok and we would figure it out. I think the best advice that I walked away with from that class was to not give up before 6 weeks because breastfeeding is not fully established until then. I am so glad that she told us that because even though I have been so lucky to have Hudson be such a good eater right from day one, we have had a few hiccups that made me worried. However, because I went to that class I had a long list of things to try and help our hiccups settle down. When those didn't seem to work completely I also knew where to go. Straight to Lindsey the lactation consultant for the help we needed.

The bond that has been created between Hudson and I through breastfeeding is so sweet and even though some days I feel like that is ALL we do, I realize that this is so good for him and also good for me. 

Whichever way you decide to feed your little one I know it will be what is best for the both of you BUT when it comes to breastfeeding here are a few tips I learned and have been so helpful to me!

1. DO NOT give up before 6 weeks. Like I said before, this advice helped me so much. In the first few weeks this advice can really keep you going if you have a hard day here and there.

2. Have someone you can talk to who will encourage you to keep going. I do not know what I would have done without  my sister in law helping me feel positive and confident that I could keep trying when it got tough. We are talking late night chats full of tips and advice and also…total TMI pics of what was happening over here… I mean that helped keep me sane SO many times.

3. It is NOT supposed to hurt. I feel like that was the one serious misconception I had before I went to this class. Just expecting it to hurt. But it is not supposed to be painful. If it is then something is not right. 

These are just a few tips that helped me along the way so far!

As for things you won't know until you start breastfeeding…

1. If you thought you were hungry and thirsty while you were pregnant… holy smokes you will be double that once you start feeding your babe. Like I am talking parched and just snacking all the day long haha So get a huge water bottle and stock your fridge and pantry with yummy healthy snacks to just have on hand always.

2. Now… we all know we are furnaces while we are pregnant. SO hot all the time. I kept thinking how nice it would be to not feel so hot all of time after having baby. Well, making milk burns calories which also makes you SO hot. I have woken up in the night when Hudson has gone a longer than usual amount of time in between feeds and I was soaked in sweat. So not much you can do but just be prepared for that!!

3. A GOOD breastfeeding cover will be a must have. Covered Goods is the best of the best. Full/ complete coverage and also they are cute and multi functional! You can also us it as a carseat cover and later on as a cover for shopping carts. One time I forgot mine when we went out and used a different one and…it was a horrible experience that may have ended up in a nip slip or two…no one wants that…trust me!

Now if you are expecting and you live in the Utah county area and are looking for a consultant or to attend a breastfeeding class I highly recommend Lindsey's classes. If you do not live close enough she also offers online courses and helpful videos on her website HERE.

Good luck Mamas! 


  1. I loved this! THANK YOU! Memphis still won't latch and it is so frustrating but we just keep trying! I love that about the 6 weeks thing! Makes me want to continue to try so thank you!

  2. These are such great tips and bits of advice! I completely agree with all of them. I love the nursing covers that go all the way around because it really does help you feel so much more comfortable when you're in public!


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