Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Birth Story Part 1.

Nearly one month ago we welcomed our sweet little Hudson into our lives. His birth story is something so near and dear to my heart that it has been very hard and emotional to attempt to write. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to share the story here or just keep it to myself. However I remember that ultimately this blog is about us and our lives and so how could I not write it down here where I so often have poured out my heart!

So lets start with how baby H had decided to make his appearance a little bit differently than we had originally planned. If you had seen all of our ultrasound pictures you would see a head down baby in almost all. So in my mind I never even thought about planning for anything other than a natural birth. I had planned and planned and prepared as much as I thought possible only to find out that 3 weeks before his due date he had moved into breech position. My heart instantly broke and the tears fell for days. I had my heart set on this experience with me, my husband and our son and it felt like that was just being ripped away from me. 

The weeks that followed were full of trying everything we could to get Mr. H to move around again. Every old wives tale in the book I tell you….but nothing happened. We had our last appointment with our Doctor hoping by some miracle we would have the outcome I so badly wanted. Yet, baby was stuck and not about to move out of his cozy position. So we went ahead and scheduled for a C-Section one week later. 

The next 7 days dragged on and on and on and then all of the sudden it was the night before and I was freaking out. I was SO nervous for what was to come. I had never had surgery or spent much time in a hospital before and I had no idea what to expect. But this was happening whether I wanted it to or not so all I could do was double check my hospital list and try to get some sleep. Seriously though…who can sleep the night before they KNOW their little baby is coming. It's basically Christmas Eve times a million. Impossible. 

We had set an alarm for 6:30 AM since we needed to be at the hospital by 7. I laid there in bed awake most of the night just waiting for that alarm to go off. When it finally did I bolted out of bed, brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag, kissed my hubby, cried while he held me and then took a deep breath and we were out the door. 

I started noticing that I was having pretty consistent and painful contractions while we were on our way to the hospital but just assumed they were my usual braxton hicks. When we got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors the nurse asked me if I was feeling the contractions that were showing up on the screen. I said yes but that I was okay and she just gave me a weird look and left the room. haha. I wouldn't realize it until the anesthesiologist came in and said "oh it looks like you're in labour!" haha I guess baby H was coming August 26th either way! It was just meant to be his birthday! 

After about an hour on the monitor and making sure baby was still breech our nurse came in and got Kev all decked out in doctor gear and we began our walk down the hallway to where our lives would be changed forever…

…to be continued….


  1. I haven't been by in ages and I apologize - but I wanted to say Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!! And how sometimes things don't go as planned but you roll with it and sometimes mother nature tells you - regardless... today is Hudson's day!! :)

  2. How dare you leave us hanging like that!!! Hahahaha just kidding, so excited to hear the rest!

  3. August 26 is a great day <3 can't wait to hear the rest!


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