Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Let the Countdown Begin


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Well we are officially counting down the days. 8 to be exact. EIGHT days! How in the world did this happen?
It seems like just yesterday I was trying to convince myself, my husband and my suspicious sister that even though I was 10 days late…I clearly wasn't pregnant. Haha. Now here we are just 8 days away from meeting our sweet little babe.

I keep having these crazy dreams of when he comes. Including one where he started to come out of my stomach on his own…it was mortifying! Then I had a dream that when the doctor sewed me up after my C-section he accidentally sewed my insides on to my outsides. Again, that was terrifying! Haha but these crazy dreams just remind me that he is coming in the next 8 days whether we are ready or not.

However, we are definitely ready. Ready to meet our little man and find out what he looks like and to learn his different cries and just to hold him close in our arms. The hubby asks me multiple times a day if my water has broken. I reassure him that if it does he will definitely know about it haha. He is so so impatient these days.

No matter how ready we are I am grateful baby boy listened to his mama and let Kev and I celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. I kept telling him that he could come anytime after that. How selfish am I? haha but it was absolutely necessary and so so nice to be able to spend some quality time just the two of us before we become three.

So cheers to 8 more days! EIGHT! I really actually can't believe it.

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