Thursday, August 20, 2015

Last Maternity Outfit Post

Top c /o: Roolee // Watch c /o: Daniel Wellington // Hat: Similar

So this is my very last maternity post …until next baby of course! Next set of outfit pictures this round belly of mine will no longer be out and about and hopefully I will have my jaw line back! One can hope! haha. I really cannot wait for Fall fashion and am excited to feel good in my clothes again. At this point I have a few outfits that make me feel pretty and so I just rotate through those if we leave the house. 

It will be a bit strange to get back to dressing a not pregnant body. I am interested to see how quickly or not quickly things change. But to think about not having this buddha belly is both sad and exciting. I am however prepared for that weird squishy stage too haha. Oh how interesting it is to have your body change SO much in these months and then start to think about your body slowly getting back to its regular shape. We will see! 

For now though…how cute is this top?! It isn't maternity and originally I had gotten it for after baby but one night we were going out and I was feeling sad like I had nothing to wear so I tossed it on and felt so good and so cute! So I cannot wait to wear this after baby too. It's going to be perfect for Fall!

What are you excited for this year in Fall fashion?! I for one am excited to wear boots again! woo!



  1. Love that hat on your... tops the maternity style off just perfectly!!

    And don't worry... you're not alone when you say you wonder about your body post-baby. I'm in the same boat and will just have to embrace it when the moment comes. As long as you stay active with baby walks until you're able to go full throttle ;)

    xo, Bev

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