Thursday, August 6, 2015

Choose To Shine Little One

baby tee c /o: Be Bonafide

With just three weeks left of this pregnancy it is really starting to hit me hard that soon I will be in charge of such a sweet little life! I am both excited and terrified. 

This little boy of ours will be our responsibility and he is going to look to his daddy and me for guidance and answers and love. Just to name a few things. I have already felt just how sweet of a spirit our boy has since the time we found out we were expecting. I just felt like wow…this little babe, whomever he or she turns out to be is going to be someone so special. That is the exciting part! Watching him grow, finding out what interests him, finding his own style, finding his way through the world with some nudges and guidance from the ones that love him most!

Now the terrifying part…this world is kind of a scary place to think of bringing up a child in. There is so much evil, so many negative influences and so many trials to overcome. I, like any mother out there want to shield my little babe from all of it so badly. However, I know that that isn't possible and that it is also not in his best interested. He will experience heartache, he will experience trials and he will have to make REALLY hard decisions all throughout his life. He is going to have to learn good from bad and it all starts from a young age.

What I want to instil in this little sweet boy is to always choose to shine! Whatever that might mean to him. To choose to be different. To choose to be kind. To choose to stand up for everything he believes in no matter the consequences. To choose to be himself. And to choose to make a positive difference in this crazy world! I already know he is making such a positive difference in mine.

I love this little boy so so much already and cannot wait to see his sweet little face and watch him grow into the person he is meant to be!


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