Saturday, July 4, 2015


Twenty-six years. Thats officially how long I have been on this planet! Some days I feel this number. Most days however  I really don't! haha. Somedays it feels like in 26 short years I've been through a lot, other days it feels like I still just know so little about life. Both are probably true.

However, I don't feel bad at all in turning twenty-six. People make their silly comments about "oh you are getting old!" haha and yes I am getting older. Older, wiser, more experienced. Hey, I am finally living life and turning pages and moving on to new chapters! Twenty-six feels good! The other day someone even said to me something about being twenty-six and only just now having my first baby. At first it kind of stung. Was this my plan? No. MY plan was to have somewhere between two-three kids by now. You know who's plan this was all along though? My Heavenly Father's.

When I was turning twenty-four I finally made the realization that my plan seriously didn't matter. I could plan plan plan all I wanted and that did not mean that is what was going to happen. I finally let go and let Heavenly Father's plan unfold for me. It was SO hard!

Yet, the last few years have been the best I could ask for. The hardest and most challenging definitely. On the other hand they are the years where I grew the most. I experienced life in a different way and I did it on my own and it really was great!

Now here I am turning twenty-six. Celebrating with my so amazing, fun, loving, adventurous and of course sexy husband AND awaiting the arrival of yes our first little baby boy. Life is so good. Twenty-six will be everything it is supposed to be! It will be challenging, full of change, full of firsts, full of excitement and I'm sure full of tears happy and sad. It will be full of SO many memories!

I could not and would not ever trade this twenty-six year old me for anything! I am right where I am supposed to be and I could not be luckier!

So happy birthday to me! Bring on the next year full of new adventure!

Oh and of course… Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!



  1. Happy Birthday. Here's to an amazing year.


  2. Lovely dress! You look beautiful!


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