Monday, July 20, 2015

Namast'ay ….in bed all day

Maternity Body Pillow c /o: Buy Buy Baby

When I wake up in the morning I am usually still tired. However it's hard to stay in bed when you are also seriously hungry annnnd you really have to pee. So up I get to feed this babe! 

With this maternity body pillow though I honestly could stay in bed ALL the day long! You hit a point in your pregnancy where there is just no comfortable position and you just don't have all the support laying in bed that your body needs. Which then results in aches and pains all over and NO sleep at all. 

This pillow gives all the right support in all the right places and it is wonderful! Plus the thermo cool cover it comes with is cozy yet at the same time helps to keep you cool through the night….which all us preggo girls know is important!

Bottom line is if I'm not getting much sleep anyways, then the sleep I do get should be quality and I definitely could not do that with out my maternity body pillow!

So if you are expecting a precious little babe definitely make sure one of your investments for yourself is one of these ASAP!



  1. The other day i was flicking through your blog and my boyfriend passed and made the comment that he thinks i'm gonna look just like you when i'm pregnant one day (weird haha but we do have similar body types, so I see where he was going haha). No complaints here, you're about the cutest pregnant woman ever!

    marnie, currently

  2. Where is your bedding from??


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