Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let's Get Real

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Let's Get Real. Most days are spent with second or third day hair, no makeup and the comfiest clothes possible around here. Most days are also spent on the couch or doing chores and prepping for baby to arrive. Most days we eat breakfast for dinner because that is all I want. Most days are not glamorous. 

Today we are getting real her on Love,Lo. I like to keep this blog upbeat and uplifting for the most part but my goal has also always been about keeping it real around here. Life is definitely not always shiny and pretty and happy. It is always a treasure but it is not always fun. The last couple have months have proven to be just that. With a lot of ups have come a lot of downs. Did you know it takes multiple trips to the DMV, customs at the airport and multiple emails sent and phone calls made just to register a Canadian vehicle here in Utah? No? Either did we. We still have yet to figure it out. 
Did you know that if you try to get your Utah license because your Canadian one is expiring you first have to get your learners permit and then take a driving test? No? Either did we. 
Did you know that you can go to a dentist and he will tell you you suck at taking care of your teeth and you need a root canal, crown and 10 fillings and when you tell him you worked in the dental field for 5 years he will say "good for you but teeth don't lie" and so you go elsewhere and ends up you have two fillings that need to be done instead? No? Well..I knew this one was very possible but I've never experienced it. I spent the entire day bawling and thinking I needed dentures...

So there's life lately in a nutshell. At eight and half months pregnant I am not only trying to get ready for this baby but I am also trying to figure out all of the above. Then all of that stress caused some worrisome contractions and a night spent in the hospital. Not so much fun.

Life is beautiful but it is certainly not perfect! And the thing is that it's just not meant to be. We all have our day to day struggles. Some more than others but still trials. Still moments in life that are anything but beautiful. Especially when you ugly cry through them. 

And although it is MUCH easier to focus on these trials and focus on the frustrations of life, it is far better to try and focus on the good. It is much more comforting to have faith and realize that it will all work out in the end and go day by day.

Here are my positives.

We have such a healthy and active baby whom we get to welcome into our little family so soon.

We have a ton of support from friends and family that help us along the way or just know how to make me smile when I am feeling down.

Not being able to drive anywhere has really kicked my mommy butt into gear and forced me to really get in there and get all baby needs done and ready!

We found a new home to move into that we LOVE and even if the move in date is basically our baby due date…we will make it work and we are lucky to have a home to be able to raise baby H in!

WE ARE HAVING A BABY IN SIX-ish WEEKS!!! and that is just amazing!

So…life isn't perfect but it sure is a journey! Let's all do our best to keep it real around these parts so we can all help each other out! 


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  1. Great graphic. Thanks for sharing.



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