Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Countdown Continues

Count down shirt c /o: Put a Bird on It// Leggings: Preggo Leggings

This post was meant to go up two weeks ago when I was actually 34 weeks pregnant…but you know life happened and then I got attacked by a death cold and then hubby got attacked by some wicked bug and well here we are two weeks later! So go ahead and cross off 2 more weeks on this adorable count down shirt! And get ready for a bumpdate!

Weight gain: Still going steady. I gain a couple pounds at each appointment which brings me to 23 pounds total right now. I got a fit bit for my birthday and can't wait to get back to working out once I get the all clear after baby! Yoga, zumba, dance, running here I come! 

Symptoms: heartburn heartburn heartburn. You baby better have some hair to thank for this! Back and pelvis pain. Baby has moved even lower than normal and its definitely causing some aches and pains. My nausea has been showing up again here and there and food is less and less appetizing again but it is nothing compared to first trimester thank goodness!

Cravings: Fruit! I cannot get enough fruit. I keep wanting to crave veggies but I just do not like veggies! Other than that I just crave random things are random times. 

Preparations: It is really hard to not be living in our own place right now because getting ready for baby has been kind of hard! I washed all his clothes and blankets and towels and then had to pack them away. All his nursery stuff is sitting in boxes and bags. His crib is in its box. We will be moving into our new place September 4…which is a week after his due date…which is NOT ideal! But we will make it work!! It will feel so good after we move to get everything settled! I cannot wait to get his nursery all put together! I did however get his hospital bag all packed and am working on mine and we bought his carseat! So I at least feel prepared for that! 

Random: My absolute most favourite thing to do is watch baby move my stomach. It is SO real that he is in there moving around. Watching my stomach move and knowing that its his little bum, or his knees,  or shoulder. Or feeling his little feet tickle my side which he stretches out! When he sticks his little feet out I like to "tickle" them or push on them and then he curls them back up. 

I cannot believe we only have one month left until we meet our baby boy! He may even come sooner who knows! What I do know is I go back and forth every day from being SO ready to just wanting him to stay put for a little while longer. But alas he will come when he comes and as long as he is healthy then thats good enough for me! 

Let the countdown continue! eeeek!


Monday, July 20, 2015

Namast'ay ….in bed all day

Maternity Body Pillow c /o: Buy Buy Baby

When I wake up in the morning I am usually still tired. However it's hard to stay in bed when you are also seriously hungry annnnd you really have to pee. So up I get to feed this babe! 

With this maternity body pillow though I honestly could stay in bed ALL the day long! You hit a point in your pregnancy where there is just no comfortable position and you just don't have all the support laying in bed that your body needs. Which then results in aches and pains all over and NO sleep at all. 

This pillow gives all the right support in all the right places and it is wonderful! Plus the thermo cool cover it comes with is cozy yet at the same time helps to keep you cool through the night….which all us preggo girls know is important!

Bottom line is if I'm not getting much sleep anyways, then the sleep I do get should be quality and I definitely could not do that with out my maternity body pillow!

So if you are expecting a precious little babe definitely make sure one of your investments for yourself is one of these ASAP!


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let's Get Real

 Tee c /o: Be Bonafide// Foil print c /o: Be Bonafide// Giraffe onesie c /o: The Wild Kids Apparel// Swaddle Blanket: Raising Royal

Let's Get Real. Most days are spent with second or third day hair, no makeup and the comfiest clothes possible around here. Most days are also spent on the couch or doing chores and prepping for baby to arrive. Most days we eat breakfast for dinner because that is all I want. Most days are not glamorous. 

Today we are getting real her on Love,Lo. I like to keep this blog upbeat and uplifting for the most part but my goal has also always been about keeping it real around here. Life is definitely not always shiny and pretty and happy. It is always a treasure but it is not always fun. The last couple have months have proven to be just that. With a lot of ups have come a lot of downs. Did you know it takes multiple trips to the DMV, customs at the airport and multiple emails sent and phone calls made just to register a Canadian vehicle here in Utah? No? Either did we. We still have yet to figure it out. 
Did you know that if you try to get your Utah license because your Canadian one is expiring you first have to get your learners permit and then take a driving test? No? Either did we. 
Did you know that you can go to a dentist and he will tell you you suck at taking care of your teeth and you need a root canal, crown and 10 fillings and when you tell him you worked in the dental field for 5 years he will say "good for you but teeth don't lie" and so you go elsewhere and ends up you have two fillings that need to be done instead? No? Well..I knew this one was very possible but I've never experienced it. I spent the entire day bawling and thinking I needed dentures...

So there's life lately in a nutshell. At eight and half months pregnant I am not only trying to get ready for this baby but I am also trying to figure out all of the above. Then all of that stress caused some worrisome contractions and a night spent in the hospital. Not so much fun.

Life is beautiful but it is certainly not perfect! And the thing is that it's just not meant to be. We all have our day to day struggles. Some more than others but still trials. Still moments in life that are anything but beautiful. Especially when you ugly cry through them. 

And although it is MUCH easier to focus on these trials and focus on the frustrations of life, it is far better to try and focus on the good. It is much more comforting to have faith and realize that it will all work out in the end and go day by day.

Here are my positives.

We have such a healthy and active baby whom we get to welcome into our little family so soon.

We have a ton of support from friends and family that help us along the way or just know how to make me smile when I am feeling down.

Not being able to drive anywhere has really kicked my mommy butt into gear and forced me to really get in there and get all baby needs done and ready!

We found a new home to move into that we LOVE and even if the move in date is basically our baby due date…we will make it work and we are lucky to have a home to be able to raise baby H in!

WE ARE HAVING A BABY IN SIX-ish WEEKS!!! and that is just amazing!

So…life isn't perfect but it sure is a journey! Let's all do our best to keep it real around these parts so we can all help each other out! 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 Things I've Learned While Being Pregnant

The experience of being pregnant is nothing you can plan for! I've imagined it my whole life. What it would be like to be pregnant and to have the joy of becoming a mom. But there are just things you cannot prepare yourself for! So here are just a few of the things I have learned while being pregnant.

 10. It takes serious skill and willpower to not pee a little every time you sneeze.
On that note actually it takes serious skill to not pee yourself in a lot of situations. i.e..Laughing, coughing, squatting…I mean you get the picture.

9. It is A-Okay to eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If there is one thing I have definitely learned it is the fact that your taste buds are ALL kinds of wonky when you are pregnant. One day all I can eat is cereal for every meal, the next I want smoothies, the next its all fruit and only fruit. Every day is SO different. So if all you can seem to eat is a pb&j for breakfast lunch and dinner…go for it!

8. It is 100% appropriate to cry for any reason.
One time I legit cried because the wait time at Olive Garden was WAY too long and we had to find somewhere else to eat. Like it was not one glistening tear...I bawled! I can't even list all the things I have cried about but they range from commercials on TV to being out of juice in the morning to thinking my hubby left for work without saying good-bye (he did but I was too asleep to remember) to so many other situations. You just cry it out whenever necessary. Eventually you look back and laugh at it all. Like who cries over Olive Garden? This girl does.

7. You will have to ask your hubby for things you never thought of….
Such as: shaving your legs, painting your toenails, picking up anything you drop or is already on the floor, checking your under belly and butt for stretch marks, pushing you up from any laying position,  the list goes on and on. Bless your hearts hubbies!

6. You turn into a crazy mama bear well before baby arrives.
We are talking like completely irrational fears of what could happen to you or baby. Mostly you will just turn into the most over protective mom right from the moment you see that positive pregnancy test. The day we found out we were both so so excited!! Then that very night I spent the entire night and morning on the floor of the bathroom and the only thing I was worried about was this baby!! Then my mom told me "don't worry…you can't puke up a baby!"…And the worrying has only gotten worse from there! Oh mama bear status.

5. You will completely lose your memory.
I am talking the worst case of short term memory ever to be experienced. Example: Walk downstairs to grab something important, see slippers and put those on and walk back upstairs. Then realize you didn't do what you meant to and then actually you can't even remember if you even went downstairs or not…until you look at your feet.

4. Sleep does not come easy.
The next person to tell me to get my sleep now before baby comes is getting a swift kick to the bum! Everyone prepares you for the lack of sleep after baby comes. Which duh! Common sense. But NO ONE tells you that you won't sleep for months before that either. Between peeing every hour, a baby kicking you and punching you through the night, aching bones, rhinitis, and waking up hungry at 3AM…explain to me HOW exactly you would like me to get this so called sleep before baby comes? It's not happening folks.

3. You are pregnant for TEN months.
Why people say nine I am not entirely sure of because all the sudden you realize…wait a sec…40 weeks is TEN freaking months! I've been lied to my entire life. TEN. TEN MONTHS. Rude.

2. You don't know what it is like to sweat until you are pregnant.
And I've been to hot yoga plenty of times but there is nothing like the sweat that happens while being pregnant. I don't know how many times I have said to hubby "Is it hot in here? It's just so hot in here!!" just to have him reply "Actually I was just thinking how cold it is in here." Or watching him walk around the house fully clothed and wrapped in a blanket while I'm laying there in my undies thinking it can't possibly get any hotter than this.

1. You will never have loved something so small.
You really will never have a love like this. There is something so special about being able to feel this life growing inside of you. Every kick, every wiggle, every head butt to the bladder has made me smile bigger than anything else in life. This little life, this little baby is a part of something amazing. He is a part of SO much love. A part of me and a part of my husband. There is nothing more special in life to me than this sweet little baby. He makes all of the heart burn, sleepless nights, pain, and emotional ups and downs worth every minute. Becoming a mom is more of a blessing than I could have ever expected and I cannot wait to meet him and kiss his sweet little face!


Saturday, July 4, 2015


Twenty-six years. Thats officially how long I have been on this planet! Some days I feel this number. Most days however  I really don't! haha. Somedays it feels like in 26 short years I've been through a lot, other days it feels like I still just know so little about life. Both are probably true.

However, I don't feel bad at all in turning twenty-six. People make their silly comments about "oh you are getting old!" haha and yes I am getting older. Older, wiser, more experienced. Hey, I am finally living life and turning pages and moving on to new chapters! Twenty-six feels good! The other day someone even said to me something about being twenty-six and only just now having my first baby. At first it kind of stung. Was this my plan? No. MY plan was to have somewhere between two-three kids by now. You know who's plan this was all along though? My Heavenly Father's.

When I was turning twenty-four I finally made the realization that my plan seriously didn't matter. I could plan plan plan all I wanted and that did not mean that is what was going to happen. I finally let go and let Heavenly Father's plan unfold for me. It was SO hard!

Yet, the last few years have been the best I could ask for. The hardest and most challenging definitely. On the other hand they are the years where I grew the most. I experienced life in a different way and I did it on my own and it really was great!

Now here I am turning twenty-six. Celebrating with my so amazing, fun, loving, adventurous and of course sexy husband AND awaiting the arrival of yes our first little baby boy. Life is so good. Twenty-six will be everything it is supposed to be! It will be challenging, full of change, full of firsts, full of excitement and I'm sure full of tears happy and sad. It will be full of SO many memories!

I could not and would not ever trade this twenty-six year old me for anything! I am right where I am supposed to be and I could not be luckier!

So happy birthday to me! Bring on the next year full of new adventure!

Oh and of course… Happy Fourth of July to you and yours!


Friday, July 3, 2015

Red, White and Blue

 Dress: Forever21// Heart Sunnies: ZeroUV

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July! I've celebrated the fourth my whole life because well it is also my BIRTHDAY! Now, it's also a day to celebrate the country I live in. It's all very confusing! Canada Day is July 1st and now I get to also celebrate my bday and Independence day all at once! Sharing your birthday usually stinks but I don't mind one bit! Fireworks for your birthday is probably the best thing ever! Not to mention I have the best friends and hubby that still make my bday the best ever!

Anyhow, this is my RED, WHITE & BLUE look this year. I LOVE this dress. A LOT! It is so light and comfy and I really now believe every one should own a denim dress! And by everyone I mean every woman. It's delightful. 

So happy RED, WHITE AND BLUE day tomorrow! Let's eat some watermelon and light off some fireworks! Summer is a time to celebrate anything and everything!