Monday, June 22, 2015

Nursing Poncho and Preparing for Breastfeeding

Nursing Poncho c /o: cover me ponchos// Shorts: Target

With only about 9 weeks to go before little mister gets here there is SO much to think about and plan for. One thing I have been reading a lot about and going to classes for and prepping for is breastfeeding. I have always gone back and forth on breastfeeding ever since I have thought of having kids. I have seen family and friends really struggle with it and it makes me SO nervous! 

Yet, I know that there are SO SO many positives to choosing to breast feed. Not only for the baby but for momma as well! 

One way to prepare has been looking into nursing covers that are not only practical and light but also fashionable! That's what I love about Cover Me Ponchos! They have lots of different colours and patterns to help mom feel cute and comfy! They also provide full and easy coverage AND a light weight material to help keep baby calm and cool. 

I know that having such an awesome cover up will help so much with my journey in breastfeeding in the next couple of months! 

So if you are preparing to nurse your baby or are on the look out for the perfect cover up check them out!! You'll want every colour and pattern!


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