Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dresses For Days

 Dress: Old Navy// Chambray c /o: Aeropostale// Bracelets c /o: Aeropostale

Okaaaaay this heat is no joke!! Being pregnant in this heat is even less of a joke. It is H.O.T. out there! I feel like I am an oven no matter what the temp and then add 100+ degree weather and I'm passing out over here. 

So really pants are just not an option. Not even shorts. Dresses my friends. I have never been a dress person. I am the girl who comes home from church and heads straight to my room to put pants on. However, dresses are the answer to all the problems right now. They are comfy, they are cool, they are non restricting. They are AH-MAZING! Not to mention there are a lot of super cute options out there for summer time dresses. I have mostly invested in non maternity dresses so I can hopefully still put them to use after baby! We will see! 

How are you beating the heat this summer??!



  1. summer here in philippines is over but i heard the summer there is much hotter than we've experienced! so yes, dresses are the way to go! plus you look fab on them! ;)

    much love,
    Cj from www.pinayontheloose.com

  2. I'm also preggo right now in the midst of this heat and I totally agree!! Dresses are the way to go with wardrobe. Pants are uncomfy on the tummy and it's wayyyyy too hot for leggings! Love your shirt dress in these pics!

    xo, Bev @ JerseysandBowTies.blogspot.com


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