Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dresses For Days

 Dress: Old Navy// Chambray c /o: Aeropostale// Bracelets c /o: Aeropostale

Okaaaaay this heat is no joke!! Being pregnant in this heat is even less of a joke. It is H.O.T. out there! I feel like I am an oven no matter what the temp and then add 100+ degree weather and I'm passing out over here. 

So really pants are just not an option. Not even shorts. Dresses my friends. I have never been a dress person. I am the girl who comes home from church and heads straight to my room to put pants on. However, dresses are the answer to all the problems right now. They are comfy, they are cool, they are non restricting. They are AH-MAZING! Not to mention there are a lot of super cute options out there for summer time dresses. I have mostly invested in non maternity dresses so I can hopefully still put them to use after baby! We will see! 

How are you beating the heat this summer??!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Nursing Poncho and Preparing for Breastfeeding

Nursing Poncho c /o: cover me ponchos// Shorts: Target

With only about 9 weeks to go before little mister gets here there is SO much to think about and plan for. One thing I have been reading a lot about and going to classes for and prepping for is breastfeeding. I have always gone back and forth on breastfeeding ever since I have thought of having kids. I have seen family and friends really struggle with it and it makes me SO nervous! 

Yet, I know that there are SO SO many positives to choosing to breast feed. Not only for the baby but for momma as well! 

One way to prepare has been looking into nursing covers that are not only practical and light but also fashionable! That's what I love about Cover Me Ponchos! They have lots of different colours and patterns to help mom feel cute and comfy! They also provide full and easy coverage AND a light weight material to help keep baby calm and cool. 

I know that having such an awesome cover up will help so much with my journey in breastfeeding in the next couple of months! 

So if you are preparing to nurse your baby or are on the look out for the perfect cover up check them out!! You'll want every colour and pattern!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Pineapple Baby!

 Tee c /o: Hello// Swim top c /o: Aeropostale// Swim bottom c /o: Aeropostale// Shorts c /o: Pink Blush Maternity(cut into shorts)

Say HELLO to our pineapple baby!

This little bebe is a PINEAPPLE! I can't believe last time I took a fruit pic baby was a itty bitty lemon. Oh how much has changed! For starters, I didn't have a belly with a little lemon babe and now whoa look out because this pineapple belly will bump you if you try to hug me straight on! haha. 
The other day while we were driving back to Utah from California, I had to use the bathroom and I had to manoeuvre myself in weird ways to get out of the stall without whacking my belly with it. It was fun. haha.

Anyways, if you really want to find me this Summer it will be right here at the pool. This heat is a killer. Normally I absolutely LOVE the Summer and love the heat. I still love the Summer but the heat just not so much. So pool days every day! That's what I'm talkin' about!!

Only TEN weeks left to go! Good thing it's Summer and we will have lots of fun things to keep us occupied! 

What's on your Summer bucket list?


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Black and White

Bag: Fawn Design// Water Bottle: The Mason Bar Company// Top: ASOS Maternity// Leggings: Preggo Leggings// Watch: Daniel Wellington

Who says Spring and Summer have to be all about colour? Sometimes..ok most of the time, I like to keep it simple and go with black and white all over! Or grey because come on. I love grey. 

If you are in search of the perfect diaper bag…well look no further because Fawn Design has got you and baby covered! I love this bag! Even though baby H isn't here just yet I have still used my bag to go on day adventures with me. It is so sleek and stylish and classic. I am not really into patterns and colours and all those kinds of diaper bags so this one is perfect and will go with everything! There is also a brown option which… I mean…you can't just have ONE diaper bag…right? 

I can even fit my massive water bottle in the front pocket and drag it all over with me! Drinking enough water everyday has totally saved me through this pregnancy. One thing I noticed that has helped is having a water bottle that lets me know exactly how much I  am drinking throughout the day. This mason jar water bottle has the measurements all along the side to let you know exactly where you're at with your drinking. I challenge myself every day to fill it up at least 4 times. Thats 96 ounces of water per day. This is helping to keep me hydrated, moisturized and not swollen in the heat! It has also helped with headaches and lessening these bad boy braxton hicks I have been getting since week 20. 
Even if you are not currently pregnant, drinking enough water especially in the Summer will have so many positive benefits! SO DRINK UP!

And have a good Tuesday!


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tea Party Baby Shower

Dress c/o: Pink Blush Maternity// Necklace c/o: Mindy Maes Market(on SALE!)

I cannot believe it's already time to start thinking baby showers! I am so excited to be able to go home to Canada and have my sister and mom throw me a tea party themed shower! I immediately knew I wanted to wear something light and breezy since Canada in the summer (believe it or not) is seriously toasty. This dress is SO perfect for a tea/garden party theme. It's also just perfect for the Spring/Summer months in general. HERE is a version of the dress not in maternity style. It is SO dang cute too!! So if you are on the hunt for perfect Spring/Summer time dresses Pink Blush and Pink Blush Maternity is definitely the go to boutique! I for one know I will be wearing A LOT of dresses this Summer and for not really being a dress kind of person, I actually cannot wait to wear the cute and comfy and most importantly LIGHT maternity dressesI have been able to find. 

Bring on the heat mother nature…I can handle you!


Monday, June 1, 2015

Here Comes The Sun

The weather is finally not pouring rain down on us! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good summer rain storm stocked full of booming thunder and flashing lighting and the sound of raindrops on the roof. However, day after day after day….come on now.

So the sun is out and my mood is up and the pool is a callin' my name and summer is looking to be a toasty wondrous dream! Now if only I could find a dang pair of long maternity shorts to join me in this summer journey. It is darn near impossible my friends! I have had the best luck finding cute maternity dresses and awesome maternity tee's that will both be so perfect for these steamy months…but shorts…nope those are hiding and hiding good. I will not give up though!

We have 13 weeks until baby H arrives..THIRTEEN! And that's if he doesn't decide to make his way just a bit earlier. Holy Smokes…13 weeks until I'm holding him and kissing his sweet face! Anyways…In these 13 weeks we will be SO busy which means these weeks will go quickly.
We will be heading to California, then to Canada, and moving AGAIN all within these 13 weeks! Add baby showers, prepping for baby, and going to the pool as much as possible and BAM there goes your 13 weeks right in the blink of an eye.

Now heres hoping I can make it through the heat with a smile still on my face AND as little swelling as possible! Fingers crossed folks fingers crossed!

Also, if you're looking for fun summer time accessories, I am seriously loving my new wood watch from Jord Wood Watches! They send your watch to you already your personal wrist size so it is ready to wear! Check em' ooout!

Mens Wood Watches xoxo