Thursday, May 14, 2015

Live Free

Well, in true Lo fashion, I took about zero pictures on my two week trip home to Canada. Okay I took a ton of pictures of my new niece and of my nephew but those are all for me! All the moments spent at home after 365 days were waaaay more memory worthy than picture worthy anyways. I spent a lot of time in my pi's with no make up on just loving up on those sweet little babes! I got to do what I would normally do if I was still living there. Late night chats with my sis, so many cuddles from the cutest kiddos, long walks with my mom, devouring delicious food, deep convos with my daddio and catching up with old friends. It was perfection.

Now about this shirt. First of all its awesome. It's comfortable, it's cute, and it adds a nice pop of colour to my wardrobe! Plus it fits this little growing bump! Score! But I also love the message it has. While I was home in Canada I also had a lot of time to reflect on life and to also think forward to the future. I think my entire life I was trying to break free and really LIVE FREE. Free from pressure to be perfect, free from the typical, free from fear. I have this free bird kind of spirit which you have all been able to see over the years! I like to go and do and travel and just be free! I so badly want to raise this little boy of ours to know that he can do the same! That he can be whatever he wants to be. He can be whomever he is. I want to teach him to live free of fear and to just go for it! Go for the life he wants! After all…living the LIVE FREE motto myself brought me here to Utah, brought me to his daddy and ultimately brought me him!

So LIVE FREE! Go live your dreams! Don't be afraid of not being perfect or of failing. Live Free of all those worries! And if you need a little push in the right direction…buy this shirt as a little reminder!



  1. So cute. I can only hope to look this cute when pregnant. My hopes are not high.

  2. You are the cutest pregnant lady EVER :)


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