Monday, May 18, 2015

15-25 Weeks

This second trimester has flown by so quickly! Now we are headed into the third trimester pretty soon and I can hardly believe it! We have a pretty busy summer coming up ahead of us and I think these next 14 weeks are going to go by in the blink of an eye. I've started making all the to do lists to get done before baby arrives! It's kind of crazy! There is SO much to do! But for now lets focus on what the second trimester brought...

Weight Gain: 13 pounds total. I keep thinking I'll have gained more when I go to my appointments but the numbers still aren't going up very much. At first I was worried but my Doctor keeps reminding me that the baby is growing and is very healthy and it is A-Okay because everyone gains different amounts of weight.

Cravings: I still basically want cereal and pb&j's all the time haha. But recently I want peaches. The smell and taste are just so good right now!! I guess I have always loved fruit so it's not a weird craving or anything. But dang they are a million times better than I ever remember! Other than that I just want fruit all day every day.

Food Aversions: I still seriously hate tomatoes and lettuce….which is just really sad. And none of the veggies I typically love taste good to me. Ugh. But I still keep trying to eat them and get some goodness in my belly and to baby. I feel like I am already fighting with this kid to eat healthy! At least it's just veggies I struggle with and not EVERYTHING healthy.  I would starve.
Also, no pizza for this mama. Which is okay because I never really loved pizza anyways but man it makes me sick!

Symptoms: Hello heartburn! I feel like the heartburn situation is slowly getting worse. Maybe that means baby H is growing some hair in there? Hopefully! Other than that just aches and pains. My left hip is really giving me troubles and making it hard to sleep…or harder to sleep. If you are pregnant and haven't had a prenatal massage…GO NOW! That is the most relaxed I have felt in a long time and I have never slept better. I could get one every dang day!

Movement: This baby is a wild one! I know I have said that before but for some reason it still amazes me every time is kicks or wiggles around at all! In the past couple of weeks I have also been able to see my belly move when he moves. It's hilarious and also kind of weird!! But it is so much fun to be able to have other people feel and see a glimpse of what is going on in there! The most fun part of it is having Kev put is hand on my stomach and with every movement say "Whoa! That was a big one!" or "Good job buddy!" When he first saw my tummy move his face was so priceless!

What a miracle it is to watch and feel baby H grow! I love this little dude oh so much already and can not wait for the rest of the weeks to fly by! But for now I am soaking up every moment I have left just the two of us! It is already so much fun to be his Mom!



  1. Yay for the peach craving!! I've been wanting them non-stop, but am always disappointed because they aren't in season around here yet. Canned just don't cut it either!! Also, if you have hip pain, I highly recommend finding a Chiropractor who deals with women throughout pregnancy. It's what I specialize in at my own practice & since I've been pregnant, it's been so so amazing sharing care with my mommas and seeing them comfy!! It's definitely kept me pain free! Have you picked out a name for your dude yet?! We call our little guy "H" too.....he's a Henry! Love reading your posts and congrats on hitting 24 weeks (Viability)!! It's a great milestone!!

  2. how exciting! hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

    xx nikki


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