Wednesday, April 1, 2015

To Maternity Pants or To Not Maternity Pants…That is the question.

Tee c /o: Fevrie// Jeans c /o: Pink Blush// Watch c /o: Daniel Wellington

A sad thing happened on the weekend. I was getting ready to go to a BBQ and I thought well I could probably put my regular jeans on. Things went well until I went to button them up. They buttoned up BUT they were pretty dang uncomfortable. Kev heard some squeals and asked if I was ok. I replied…." I'm getting faaaaaat" He laughed and said…." No, the baby is getting fat! It's great!" Hahaha. Yes Yes it IS great and I wore the pants anyways…unbuttoning them part way thru…ha. I'm not surprised it has happened so soon. This baby of ours sits SO SO low so my stomach sticks out the most right where my pants button. Little stinker. Luckily though I already had these awesome maternity jeans from Pink Blush Maternity and so the answer my friends is to maternity pants. They are so extremely comfortable and I love wearing them! And like my friend so nicely said…"Lauren, you can't be a size 0 forever." 

Sigh…. I will give it up but only for this baby who is starting to move like crazy! eek! 

Now moving on to the not maternity article of clothing. This shirt! I saw it on XoMrsMeasom and like a pregnancy craving knew I had to have it! Yes, I did just compare clothes to food. Craving either is basically the same thing for me! But hey can you blame me? This top is perfect for Spring! Its lace and comfy and cute! A must have! So gooooo get it!

Oh, and a happy hump day to ya!



  1. I want these pants but in non-maternity. Help!!


  2. Ah you're so adorable! And that hair gurrrrrl on point <3

  3. you look amazinggg!!

    xx nikki


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