Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Time Floral

Dress c /o: Pink Blush Maternity// Cardigan c /o: Pink Blush Maternity

Well it's official! We are half way through this pregnancy and just that much closer to meeting this sweet little boy of ours. I absolutely love how much I have been feeling him move lately. It always puts a smile on my face to know he is in there just partying away! What I did not enjoy however was the other day when I hadn't felt him move at all. I was so distraught. I knew there was probably nothing to worry about but as a mother I already felt the uneasiness that maybe something was wrong with my sweet boy. It is SO crazy just how attached and in love you can feel with this little being growing inside of you. I would do anything for him. 

So in true mama bear fashion we were lucky enough to check on him that night with the help of our friends cousin who happens to be a midwife. She reassured me his heart beat was perfect and that the reason I wasn't feeling him is because he was spine to spine with me and so it was too hard to feel his little movements. But his heartbeat was strong and so I felt so much better.

She told me that when I need to feel baby move that I need to drink cold apple or orange juice and lay on my side on the couch with no distractions and count his movements. There should be around 10 in the hour. So for all you expecting mamas out there if you feel concerned try this trick! Or if you just want to feel your baby move a bit more do it! 

I went home, drank some juice, laid down on the couch with Kev and a bit later I felt baby H move back to his normal spot and then he proceeded to kick kick kick away well into the night. 

I love this little boy of ours oh so much. I can't wait for our Doctor appointment this week where we will get to see him again and I guarantee I will probably cry like always. Being pregnant truly is such a miracle and I am trying to not take it for granted and really take every experience in. Now I definitely don't ever take feeling him move for granted at all. I have an even bigger smile on my face these days when he is kicking around in there.

I am also REALLY loving dressing this bump! A LOT more than I expected! It is fun to see this baby bump grow and so much fun to see what I can wear that really flatters this changing body of mine! This dress is my FAVOURITE thing to wear right now! So comfy, so cute, so perfect for Spring time! 

And heck…maxis are in whether you are pregnant or not! WIN!



  1. you are too cute!

    xx nikki

  2. so fun! write everything in a journal so you don't forget how you truly feel! such a special time!!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms


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