Thursday, April 16, 2015

20 Week Bumpdate!

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Finding out Gender: When we found out baby was a boy it was the funniest moment ever! Don't get me wrong it was SUCH a happy moment but it was funny. Funny because EVERYONE thought this baby was a girl. Minus 2 people. So looking over at Kev when the ultrasound tech told us BOY his face looked kind of confused and then SO SO happy! Then I started crying because oh a boy! A momma's boy! My families reactions were all…"Really?" haha. I would be lying if I said it didn't take some time to get used to the thought. But now I just love this little boy more than anything! A BOY!

Baby's growth: Baby H is now 12.5 ounces…almost ONE pound! During our recent ultrasound we got to see all his important parts and know that he is developing perfectly and growing right on track. I can't explain the relief of that ultra sound! He is getting so big and now I feel him moving all day long! That has been the funnest experience! But he is definitely a wild one and I am nervous about when he gets even bigger. I'm going to be in trouble! 

Momma's Growth: I have FINALLY put on a few pounds! 6 to be exact! Never would I have thought that putting on weight would be a happy moment haha. Also, this belly is growing away but thankfully still no stretch marks to be found!  I just keep buttering myself up with Tummy Butter and keeping my fingers crossed! Watching my body change is surprisingly such a happy thing!

Symptoms: I am finally no longer 24/7 nauseous and sick. It is such a joyous moment to enjoy some foods again! There are still moments where nothing sounds good or tastes good. For the most part though food has become not a hated thing! For some reason though I still really hate veggies…which is really sad to me! Another happy thing is that I can brush my teeth again without taking breaks to breathe so I don't vomit. Yick! 
The last two weeks I have been having braxton hicks. I had no idea they could happen this early and sheesh they are not comfortable. My whole stomach gets SO tight for about 30 seconds- 1 minute and it happens a couple times in an hour and then goes away until the next day. My doctor reassured me that because I am "so lean and tiny" it's not a surprise that I am already feeling these. Also…bonus to be called lean and tiny when your stomach is expanding away! haha! 

Sleeping: I am still SO congested always. Especially when I sleep. So breathe right nose strips are still saving my life! I also sleep every night all wrapped up in my maternity pillow. That thing is AMAZING! So amazing! My hips and back have been less sore since I started using one and that has been so helpful! 

Second Trimester Thoughts: It is SO crazy how different my second trimester has been from the first. First trimester I was almost positive I never wanted to do this again haha. Second has made me WAY more excited to experience pregnancy and everything has been a lot more enjoyable! 

I cannot wait to keep growing and to see what the next 20 weeks will bring! By the end it will bring us our sweet little baby H!! ah!



  1. you are just adorable!

    xx nikki

  2. you are the cutest! i'm sure this baby boy will be exactly what you need in your life :) i'm so excited for you!

    xo, k
    pocket of blossoms

  3. Babies all around!! I have so many people around me having babies and it's so exciting!! You are beautiful and I must say I love the way your hair is up in this hairstyle of yours. Lovely!

  4. You look so happy and gorgeous! Congrats again! Can't wait for more "bumpdates!" ;)



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