Thursday, April 16, 2015

20 Week Bumpdate!

Top c /o: Pink Blush Maternity (similar)// Jeans c /o: Pink Blush Maternity// Shoes c /o: Aeropostale

Finding out Gender: When we found out baby was a boy it was the funniest moment ever! Don't get me wrong it was SUCH a happy moment but it was funny. Funny because EVERYONE thought this baby was a girl. Minus 2 people. So looking over at Kev when the ultrasound tech told us BOY his face looked kind of confused and then SO SO happy! Then I started crying because oh a boy! A momma's boy! My families reactions were all…"Really?" haha. I would be lying if I said it didn't take some time to get used to the thought. But now I just love this little boy more than anything! A BOY!

Baby's growth: Baby H is now 12.5 ounces…almost ONE pound! During our recent ultrasound we got to see all his important parts and know that he is developing perfectly and growing right on track. I can't explain the relief of that ultra sound! He is getting so big and now I feel him moving all day long! That has been the funnest experience! But he is definitely a wild one and I am nervous about when he gets even bigger. I'm going to be in trouble! 

Momma's Growth: I have FINALLY put on a few pounds! 6 to be exact! Never would I have thought that putting on weight would be a happy moment haha. Also, this belly is growing away but thankfully still no stretch marks to be found!  I just keep buttering myself up with Tummy Butter and keeping my fingers crossed! Watching my body change is surprisingly such a happy thing!

Symptoms: I am finally no longer 24/7 nauseous and sick. It is such a joyous moment to enjoy some foods again! There are still moments where nothing sounds good or tastes good. For the most part though food has become not a hated thing! For some reason though I still really hate veggies…which is really sad to me! Another happy thing is that I can brush my teeth again without taking breaks to breathe so I don't vomit. Yick! 
The last two weeks I have been having braxton hicks. I had no idea they could happen this early and sheesh they are not comfortable. My whole stomach gets SO tight for about 30 seconds- 1 minute and it happens a couple times in an hour and then goes away until the next day. My doctor reassured me that because I am "so lean and tiny" it's not a surprise that I am already feeling these. Also…bonus to be called lean and tiny when your stomach is expanding away! haha! 

Sleeping: I am still SO congested always. Especially when I sleep. So breathe right nose strips are still saving my life! I also sleep every night all wrapped up in my maternity pillow. That thing is AMAZING! So amazing! My hips and back have been less sore since I started using one and that has been so helpful! 

Second Trimester Thoughts: It is SO crazy how different my second trimester has been from the first. First trimester I was almost positive I never wanted to do this again haha. Second has made me WAY more excited to experience pregnancy and everything has been a lot more enjoyable! 

I cannot wait to keep growing and to see what the next 20 weeks will bring! By the end it will bring us our sweet little baby H!! ah!


Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Time Floral

Dress c /o: Pink Blush Maternity// Cardigan c /o: Pink Blush Maternity

Well it's official! We are half way through this pregnancy and just that much closer to meeting this sweet little boy of ours. I absolutely love how much I have been feeling him move lately. It always puts a smile on my face to know he is in there just partying away! What I did not enjoy however was the other day when I hadn't felt him move at all. I was so distraught. I knew there was probably nothing to worry about but as a mother I already felt the uneasiness that maybe something was wrong with my sweet boy. It is SO crazy just how attached and in love you can feel with this little being growing inside of you. I would do anything for him. 

So in true mama bear fashion we were lucky enough to check on him that night with the help of our friends cousin who happens to be a midwife. She reassured me his heart beat was perfect and that the reason I wasn't feeling him is because he was spine to spine with me and so it was too hard to feel his little movements. But his heartbeat was strong and so I felt so much better.

She told me that when I need to feel baby move that I need to drink cold apple or orange juice and lay on my side on the couch with no distractions and count his movements. There should be around 10 in the hour. So for all you expecting mamas out there if you feel concerned try this trick! Or if you just want to feel your baby move a bit more do it! 

I went home, drank some juice, laid down on the couch with Kev and a bit later I felt baby H move back to his normal spot and then he proceeded to kick kick kick away well into the night. 

I love this little boy of ours oh so much. I can't wait for our Doctor appointment this week where we will get to see him again and I guarantee I will probably cry like always. Being pregnant truly is such a miracle and I am trying to not take it for granted and really take every experience in. Now I definitely don't ever take feeling him move for granted at all. I have an even bigger smile on my face these days when he is kicking around in there.

I am also REALLY loving dressing this bump! A LOT more than I expected! It is fun to see this baby bump grow and so much fun to see what I can wear that really flatters this changing body of mine! This dress is my FAVOURITE thing to wear right now! So comfy, so cute, so perfect for Spring time! 

And heck…maxis are in whether you are pregnant or not! WIN!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Comfy Cozy Spring Time

Tee c /o: Joah Brown// Sweater c /o: Aeropostale// Leggings c /o: Agnes and Dora// Gold stone necklace c /o: Fifth and Mae 

Well it's officially rainy spring time here. It's been gloomy and misty out but hey I don't so much mind the rain. Other than that we have a busy few weeks ahead of us! We are moving this weekend…which I seriously hate moving. K more like I HATE packing. Also, things just aren't the same with a sore body and extra weight on your belly. By the end of a full day packing yesterday my back felt like it had been run over by a bus. I'm probably being dramatic but hey it didn't feel great! 

Once we move, we are headed to San Francisco to visit family and for Kev to work. I can't wait for a little break from reality! I live for breaks from reality! Especially if there are palm trees and a cute nephew involved! 

So that's about all there is to it right now. Baby brain can really result in writers block sometimes…So happy hump day! Almost the weekend. We can do it!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

To Maternity Pants or To Not Maternity Pants…That is the question.

Tee c /o: Fevrie// Jeans c /o: Pink Blush// Watch c /o: Daniel Wellington

A sad thing happened on the weekend. I was getting ready to go to a BBQ and I thought well I could probably put my regular jeans on. Things went well until I went to button them up. They buttoned up BUT they were pretty dang uncomfortable. Kev heard some squeals and asked if I was ok. I replied…." I'm getting faaaaaat" He laughed and said…." No, the baby is getting fat! It's great!" Hahaha. Yes Yes it IS great and I wore the pants anyways…unbuttoning them part way thru…ha. I'm not surprised it has happened so soon. This baby of ours sits SO SO low so my stomach sticks out the most right where my pants button. Little stinker. Luckily though I already had these awesome maternity jeans from Pink Blush Maternity and so the answer my friends is to maternity pants. They are so extremely comfortable and I love wearing them! And like my friend so nicely said…"Lauren, you can't be a size 0 forever." 

Sigh…. I will give it up but only for this baby who is starting to move like crazy! eek! 

Now moving on to the not maternity article of clothing. This shirt! I saw it on XoMrsMeasom and like a pregnancy craving knew I had to have it! Yes, I did just compare clothes to food. Craving either is basically the same thing for me! But hey can you blame me? This top is perfect for Spring! Its lace and comfy and cute! A must have! So gooooo get it!

Oh, and a happy hump day to ya!