Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dressing the little baby bump

Top c /o: Joah Brown// Jeans c /o: Pink Blush Maternity
Photography: Lori Romney Photography// Lashes: LayersNLashes

Watching this little bump grow is kind of surreal! I know it might not look very significant to others but it has grown and grown and also has a LONG way to go while this baby gets chunkier! It's a serious miracle to me that this body of mine has the ability to do all of this. It is also such an amazing blessing that I am able to experience these body changes. Some are positive…one word…*boobs* and this growing baby bump! Others are a bit more painful and irritating. Like aching hips and not one comfortable sleeping position. Either way it is a miracle that I am beyond grateful for!

Since we JUST decided to announce welcoming this little one in to our family, the last month or so has been really hard to dress. Only close family and friends knew. So whenever we went somewhere where people didn't know, Kev would say "Don't look pregnant/Don't act pregnant" haha. Super hard when you look like you have a constant food baby….and also really trying to not upchuck in front of everyone. 

Now that the news is out I am SO excited to start showing of this bump a bit more! Dressing has been hard because it's a weird in between stage where non maternity clothes just do not fit quite right or look quite right at all. They are uncomfortable by the end of the day and I just don't feel great in them. But most maternity clothes are just a tie bit too large.

So I have been searching hard for maternity clothes that fit and also non maternity clothes that work and feel comfy! 

Believe it or not this top is NOT a maternity shirt! I absolutely love the way it fits and how it makes this bump look really cute! It is so so comfy and umm it's grey soooo theres that! 
Now the jeans are maternity jeans and I freaking adore them! They fit great in the legs and bum and hips and then there are no buttons which means no digging into you in weird places! Win Win if you ask me! 

I CANNOT wait to keep dressing this bump and finding new ways to make non maternity work and also bring in a lot more maternity pieces! There is some really really cute stuff out there and I cannot wait to wear it! 



  1. you are too cute! can't wait to see how you continue to dress your little bump! :D

    xx nikki

  2. You look adorable Lauren! You definitely know how to dress that cute little bump of yours! :)


  3. Ahh you're so stinking cute. I remember that awkward stage of pregnancy well. Now, I just feel large and in charge and cry about having to wear anything that isnt yoga pants and oversized tees.

  4. You. Are. Adorable. And that teeny tiny bump is PERFECTION. When I was 17 weeks, I TOTALLY thought I had bumped, and now looking back I'm like, Uhhhhhh no. Not even close haha!!


  5. Congrats!! And you look absolutely beautiful!

  6. So excited for you! Getting the news out is the best part haha - I almost died with anticipation. You are going to be the cutest mama!


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