Monday, March 30, 2015

0-14 Weeks

*I am now well into my second trimester but I wanted to document the first and now reading back I can see just how different I feel now compared to then. Thank goodness!*

When we found out: New Years Eve day. I FINALLY gave in and took a pregnancy test that morning after a couple weeks of wondering if we were pregnant or not. If I am anything, it is stubborn and I just couldn't give in and take that test! I wanted to be pregnant SO bad that I was terrified of seeing a no. So at about 6 weeks pregnant I took a test. haha I am so ridiculous. Low and behold it was a very fast positive.

How I told Kev: Well he obviously knew I was weeks late and he was the one telling me "Lauren YOU ARE PREGNANT!" haha. But I took the test alone in the morning while he slept. Then I wrote a cute note and placed it on the table along with the test and a cute onesie and waited for him to wake up. And waited….and waited…. But his face was priceless and that moment is something I will never forget!

Symptoms: I have basically had every symptom in the book. The very night we found out I was pregnant I spent on the bathroom floor. Before that I had like a weird kind of nausea that I felt like was butterflies all the time but more uncomfortable. Since the first night of puking it has been pretty rough though. Morning sickness should just be called ALL DAY SICKNESS. It is worse at night for me but it sticks around most of the day.

Other than "morning" sickness I have had headaches, pregnancy rhinitis, bloody noses, bloody gums, vivid dreams, restless nights…I mean you name it so far I've got it. Which has made the last few months very interesting and hard. Oh and cannot forget cravings! It is really weird to have literally NOTHING sound yummy or appetizing and then all the sudden only ONE thing sounds even stomachable at all and I HAVE to eat it right then! One thing I crave is milk….and normally I HATE milk.

Weight gain: 1.5 lbs (I have still yet to gain more than 3 lbs…but I guess thats what happens when you have a strictly hate relationship with food)

Sleep: Basically non existent. I like to think I am naturally preparing myself for baby to come…but come on… it's not fair to not sleep before the baby is here. Just not fair at all. Between the peeing and hip pain and not being able to breathe out my nose…bleh! Sleep is the least fun part of my day. JK throwing up is. * Sleep tips from me now that I have learned a thing or two… BREATHE RIGHT NASAL STRIPS will save your life. Also a pregnancy pillow. You should own one even if you aren't pregnant. For reals.*

And that is my First Trimester Update! So glad to be into my second and feeling better! Can't wait to write down my Second Trimester Update soon!


P.S. If you entered the Freshly Picked Giveaway the winner will be contacted later today!! kisses!


  1. how exciting!!

    xx nikki

  2. sounds like a dream ;) congratulations! i bet the moment between husband and wife when they find out they are pregnant is unforgettable, so special that you two were able to have that experience.

    xo, k


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