Friday, February 27, 2015

TGIF For Real!

Sweater: Pink Blush// Scarf: Pink Blush (similar)// Jeans: aeropostale// Purse: Target

Just like that it's the weekend! Well, maybe not JUST like that. Was this week an extremely long one for anyone else? I'm so tired! 

Speaking of weekend. For once we don't really have any set plans and sometimes that kind of weekend is the best! Lots of netflix watching, sleeping in, treats and more treats. I may have purchased the largest bag of mini eggs one has ever seen….and I just cannot stop myself. 

As for this outfit. I love it. I think I will wear it out for some sushi this weekend! If I can convince hubby to go out for sushi…again… I think sushi is my one food weakness. Okay, so I have a few. But I can eat sushi at least every week..more for sure if we had a good sushi place close enough to our house. And great….now I am craving sushi. It's not even noon! Gross!

So hey I am off to watch some netflix until hubs gets home and we can satisfy this craving. Fridays. I love you.

Have a GREAT weekend! Full of food and trashy tv. Oh yes.



  1. those boots are so cute!

    xx nikki

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