Monday, December 22, 2014

Under the Tree

Cardigan c / o: Joah Brown// Tee c /o: Madison and Sixth// Leggings c /o: Pink Blush// Socks c /o: Aeropostale

I'm sitting here wrapped in the coziest blanket with remnants of wrapping paper, ribbon and tape around me. I just finished wrapping the rest of our Christmas presents. I'll be home for Christmas is playing in the back ground and I have tears in my eyes thinking that I will see the ones I love most in just a few short days. 

I've never been away from my family for the holidays and this whole month has been hard. I miss the traditions of home that the entire month of December brings. I hate to be away and missing out. This month has been SO busy it's been hard for us to start our own traditions. However, those will come with time and future kids and fun! 

I am just SO entirely grateful to be with my family at least for a few days! They really are what matters most and the best Christmas gifts I will get will be hugs upon hugs upon hugs! What is it about hugs from the people we know care about us most? Don't you just feel so safe and happy?! I can't wait for those hugs! 

In the mean time I have been wrapped in this cardigan from Joah Brown which is basically like a warm cozy hug! It's hand down the comfiest thing I have ever owned. It's long and the material is light and soft. mmm. I love it. 

Now it's time to go drink some more hot chocolate in this cardigan. It's perfection. 

TWO more days! Hip hip hooooraaaay!



  1. hang in there pretty girl! i hope you enjoy the time with your family! it really is the best :) that cardigan looks so cozy! merry christmas lauren!

    xo, k

  2. love that copper mug!

    xx nikki


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