Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Post Christmas

Well we made it back from our Christmas Winter Wonderland adventure. This place was seriously a dream land! It was the best Christmas ever to be able to get away with my favourite people!

I remember a line from a movie that goes a little something like this from a frustrated kid to his dad... "Dad, why are you always taking pictures?!" "Because I want to remember!" "Can't you try remembering WITHOUT the camera??" And another one from a commercial that really got me with a dad and daughter on top of a beautiful mountain…"Honey, the best way to capture the moment is to see it with your eyes."

My family isn't always the greatest at taking pictures when we are all together….but that is because we are far too busy making memories! Sometimes it bothers me because after I think dang it I hardly got any pictures but then I remember all the fun we had the entire time without someone whipping out their phone and trying to capture the perfect moment. I CAN remember without the camera.

We played games, watched movies, read books, built puzzles, explored the winter wonderland around us, drank far too much hot cocoa and cider, and ate so much delicious food I am certain I gained 10 lbs at least! It was all delightful and exactly what was needed.

Now don't get me wrong for one second…my brain is totally wired to want to capture the beauty around me. It's just how creative minds think! But I am slowly learning to just take in the moments around me and just BE in the moment around me.

I loved every moment with my family that was spent. I also love the few pictures that were taken. Especially that one of my sweet little nephew. Oh he's the most darling thing I ever did see.

Now it is unfortunately back to reality. Isn't Christmas just like a big delicious meal? So much time and effort put into it, so much excitement looking forward to it….then after all the build up it's gone just like that…

I hope your holidays treated you well!



  1. You always have such gorgeous photos on your blog, and these are no exception! I love your description about how it feels to remember without a camera even when you're a little upset about not having as many/any pictures from those moments. I'm horrible at taking pictures (New Years Resolution, anyone?!) and even though I enjoy the moment while I'm in it, I still wish I could've gotten one or two snapshots. Happy New Year! (:

    1. My blog address is oshirodesign.blogspot.com in case you wanted it check it out (:

  2. i've learned that this christmas break as well. sometimes it's just better to put down the camera and enjoy the moment :)

    xo, pocketofblossoms.com

  3. gorgeous photos! glad you had a great holiday!

    xx nikki


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