Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm dreaming of a…..

Sweater c / o: Ivory Rose(similar)// Beanie c / o: aeropostale (similar)// Socks c / o: aeropostale

Never in my life time has it been December 16th and not a pinch of snow in sight. I mean… I did grow up in Canada but still this is outrageous! I am mostly not mad about it. Besides the fact that all the sudden Christmas is basically a week away and I've been tricked in to thinking I had more time to get ready for it! Jokes on me! Snow does not equal Christmas and Christmas does not equal snow. Who knew!

However, I am still trying to be in the Christmas spirit and bring on that Christmas cheer! So listening to N*Sync Christmas on repeat, putting up decorations and drinking more hot chocolate than any human being should, has commenced and will continue until I am forced to stop!

Also getting me in the Christmas mood is Christmas and Holiday inspired clothes! Such as toques or beanies (potato potahto), and lovely sweaters with Reindeer and snowflakes on them. Although the no need for a coat thing is really throwing me off. But let's not focus on that…or the lack of bright white in the background…. The sweater is delightful and oh this beanie is also! 

What gets you in the Christmas spirit? Are you a white Christmas person or a sandy beach/palm tree Christmas person?

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  1. Love this post! I feel the same way, we have been living in a place that ALWAYS has snow at this time, but we moved a few weeks ago and now there is no snow to be seen and it just doesn't feel like Christmas is around the corner.

  2. N Sync Christmas is where it's at :)

  3. i love that beanie!

    xx nikki


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