Friday, December 19, 2014

His+ Hers Christmas

Photography: RoxBPhotography// 
HERS: Vest c / o:Jacob Scarves// Winter crown c / o: Miss Stevi Marie// Sweater: H&M
HIS: Beanie: Target// Hoodie: H&M// Jacket: H&M (similar)

When we were dating I would always joke about how when we got married I would want to do His & Hers posts. He would laugh it off and I am pretty positive he thought I was kidding. Well, you should have seen his face when I asked our awesome photographer to do some separate shots so I could write a his and hers Christmas outfit post. Ha. Panic. He isn't the most comfortable in front of the camera but my he is handsome! I sure love this man for putting up with all my crazy antics and for supporting this blog 110% since the very beginning. 

So this is what we wore for our first Christmas pictures together! Really, honestly, truly, if you do not own a vest that resembles the fur of a polar bear….well…I'm sad for you. 

I love taking pictures with this man of mine! I also really love our great photographer! She is so much fun and so willing to trudge around in the snow for hours! Christmas sure is fun and I am trying to fill it with happiness and all fun new experiences since being away from family is proving to be SO much harder during the holidays. 

Only FIVE more days though until I see their sweet faces!

Where will you be celebrating the Holidays?! Does your family do Christmas cards?! I'm excited to start this new tradition of our very own! 

Happy last weekend before the Holidays! 



  1. I'll be celebrating with my family at home. I currently live with my parents so I'll get to see all of my family. I'm so excited. And these pictures are gorgeous!

  2. I love your pictures! They're darling. Can I ask which color you used on your hair?

  3. i'll be celebrating at home with my family! my last christmas as a single woman...crazy!

    xo, k

  4. What a beautiful couple! Ha, my man isn't comfortable in front of the camera either. I'll have to learn your bribery!

  5. you guys look so gorgeous!

    xx nikki


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