Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Traditions

Beanie c / o: Madison and Sixth// Layering Shirt: c / o:Bohme// Jeans c / o: Aeropostale// Coat: gifted

I feel rather over dressed in these pictures. Not the dressy kind of over dressed but you know…bundled up and no snow in sight. However, I can feel it in the air and it is definitely on it's merry way! To get a little bit more in the Christmas spirit we are headed to see Christmas lights tonight and then to the Nutcracker this weekend!! I LOVE the nutcracker! I used to go to the lights and the Nutcracker with my parents but this year I will be going with friends and the hubby. As much as I miss doing these traditions with my family, I am so very grateful to have such good friends and an amazing hubby to really get into the Christmas spirit with! 

I am however SO excited to see my family in just ONE week! Then we can do the rest of our Christmas traditions together! Make treats like caramel popcorn and nuts a bolts, have a Christmas eve message, make a yummy birthday dinner for dad, open Christmas eve pjs, and fill each others stockings! 

What kind of traditions do you have for Christmas? What gets you feeling like Christmas is right around the corner? ….Probably the mile long lines in every store right? Yikes! Hate those. I'm all standing in line with a bag of toilet paper behind people filled with carts and carts of toys and clothes and things….and I'm just like…guys I just really need to buy this toilet paper!! 

Anyways… Happy Holidays!



  1. your jacket is so cute, i love it. my family also does christmas eve pj's, one of my favorite traditions :)

  2. I am in love with that coat!! I've tagged you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award, I hope you can get a chance to do it :)

  3. that beanie is so cute!

    xx nikki


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