Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A few things

Beanie c / o: Bohme// Jacket c / o: Pink Blush// Leggings c / o: Pink Blush

First of all, I could wear this beanie and jacket combo all day every day. Can it just be beanie season all.the.time?

Second, I have purple hair and I LOVE it! My hair has NEVER been this dark and basically I never want it to be light again! 

Third, I'm tired. I am right drained. I am so ready for the Holidays to be here! To hug my family, kiss my nephew, and eat so much good food that I do not have to cook myself! It is going to be such a joyous reunion. 

Fourth, I hope you are having a lovely week! Today I am going to spend wrapping presents under the tree lights, watching Christmas movies, drinking cocoa and doing a friend gift exchange! So basically I love Tuesday.

That is all for today folks! My brain is completely writer blocked. So cheers!



  1. I have that leather jacket from Pink Blush and absolutely LOVE it! And I love your hair too :)

  2. I love your new hair color! And I agree with you about beanies, I've probably bought like 5 over the last week ha ha.

  3. such a cute combo! i love your dark hair, you pull it off so well :) merry christmas pretty lady!

    xo, kie

  4. your hair is amazing!!

    xx nikki


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