Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stay Wild and Cozy

Sweater c / o: Chic Style Utah// Graphic top c / o: SWELL// Jeans c / o: Aeropostale// Beanie c / o: Tai Pan

So you might recognize this sweater from THIS post and well I won't lie…I have basically been living in it since I got it a couple weeks ago. It's comfy, cozy, cute, chic, and did I mention cozy? Lately I cannot keep cozy enough. My feet are permanent icicles and my nose…well it's a permanent shade of Rudolf. Perks of living in a basement folks. However, it does create the perfect excuse to invest in seriously cozy cozy cozy clothes! This beanie is also helpful in that department…and yes I do wear it indoors. Hey, you have to get creative sometimes when you run out of blankets and such. I also am loving this deep green "stay wild" long sleeve shirt from Swell. It's fun and different and umm also cozy! 

Oh and I bet you thought I forgot it's American Thanksgiving! Jokes on you. Who can forget about their second Thanksgiving of the year! Two turkey days you guys. Nope, cannot forget about that one! Especially since we are spending it in sunny sunshiny California! Needless to say this cozy warm outfit did not sneak away with me in my suit case. However, I will gladly welcome it back in to my wardrobe come Monday. For now I will be extra Thankful for all I have and for my extended family who happens to live in year round warmth. Yup, I am extra extra grateful for this fact! 

On that note, I am off to soak up some sun and gobble down some turkey. This day couldn't get any better.


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