Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How A Year Changes Everything

Sweater: HM//Leggings: Pink Blush//Bracelet: Threads

A year ago my life changed in a Starbucks…

I remember the day perfectly. I was so grouchy because this guy wouldn't stop asking me out. I kept thinking "how many times do I have to nicely tell you I'm busy!" I really was busy. It wasn't just an excuse. I was also on a serious dating hiatus. If you were of the male species, you could go take a hike. Sounds harsh I know. Cut me some slack though…I wanted to focus on me and sometimes thats ok. This was the last straw though. Why was he so nice and understanding? Surely, he was really a jerk right? Then a friend gave me a great thought…"Maybe, if you just go out with him once, he can realize you don't click and then he will finally stop asking." Ok, ok not the worst idea. So I said yes. And then he insisted on picking me up. Now, THAT goes against everything I believe in and have been taught. Because, you see this was a blind date. My mother always told me to drive myself to these so we could meet in a public place. Nope. He was not having it. He would pick me up at this time and that's when I was to be ready. So I did what I thought was best and told someone where I was going and who with and a phone number. You know, just incase I ended up in a Starbucks dumpster or something. Hey, you never know. 

He showed up just on time. Text me to tell me he was "here". Then didn't even get out of the car to open my door. *Ok, great…here we go again* I thought. 

Once we got to Starbucks, he told enough funny jokes that I was starting to warm up to him. 
When I told him I wanted a "tall chai tea latte" He looked at me with a confused face and proceeded to order me a "tai chi latte". *Ok, so maybe this won't be so bad*. 

We talked and talked and talked. It was when I tried to scare him off with the fact that I have a tattoo and he actually thought it was "cool" that I really started to get intrigued. We were there until Starbucks closed and I remember walking into my room and crawling in to bed (alone guys) that I remember thinking…"darn it. This guy is actually kind of not the worst." 

By the next day I was sold when I got this text. "I had fun last night. I'm going to the opening night of Hunger Games tonight and I already bought your ticket. So make it work :)" 

That night he told me hated playing dating mind games and thats why he texted me right away and ask me out the two nights in a row. No mind games. He had fun and wanted to see me again. 

365 days later. He's my husband. I am SO glad that my plan to get him to stop asking me out didn't succeed. I am extra grateful that he has always been as patient and kind and understanding as he was from day one. He also now will not EVER let me open my own door. 

A year ago…my life completely changed in a Starbucks.


  1. what a great story!! glad it's been a good year for you. and i love that bracelet!

    xx nikki

  2. Such a sweet story!

  3. This is freaking adorable! You are too funny and you guys are just the cutest. Love you girl!


  4. You look so comfy I can' t even handle it!! Adorable :)

  5. Love this Lauren! Such a chute post, and shout out to Starbucks. Glad I'm not the only one that drinks a chai tea latte, has a tattoo, and goes to church!! :) makes me happy there's someone out there for everyone! Glad you found him! :) Happy first date-aversary!

  6. Cutest story! I had hot chocolate on my first date with my husband too. I swear that hot cocoa just gets ya, ya know?


  7. What a beautiful story. It reminds me so much of my husband. Very similar trend. You have a winner for sure. Good luck to you I wish you peace and everlasting happiness.

  8. what a cute story! it's so true, a year can change everything. even a month!

    xoxo, kiely

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  11. We think he's a major catch! Love ya Kevin!


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