Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Haters Gonna Hate

Pull over c / o: Southern Shirt Co. // Beanie c / o: Aeropostale// Socks c / o: Aeropostale

So when someone makes a snide comment about how your fashion is only worthy of the Super Market…well hell, you go take pics in a shopping cart. Naturally. 

Here's the deal you guys. This blog, for me, is all about being real and being relatable. I'm no fashionista. No, my blog is not somewhere you can come to find all the high end clothes that no one can afford. My links won't send you to clothes you can only dream of and put in your dream closet or wish list. This blog is all about real life. REAL clothes. And hey, we all wear clothes to the dang super market. You all know what I'm about. I am about comfortable. I am about feeling good in what you wear. I am about representing your own self. Someone you can be proud of and someone you can be comfortable in. I do love to dress up every now and then and with the holidays coming quickly I am looking forward to party dresses and holiday outfits. I'm still me though and I will still wear my leggings all.the.time. 

If my outfits don't inspire you, if you don't find them relatable and if this isn't a place where you look forward to reading about my life and what I am wearing…goooo awaaaay! 
Let's get over this whole internet bullying thing. It's not nice. I don't like it. Not only because it happened to me but because I see it happening all of the time. Can't we all just get along?! haha.

If you like what you see and what you read…I ADORE YOU! If my outfits give you inspiration for going out to lunch with your girls, the movies with your man, or by golly to the dang super market, that makes me SO happy! After all, that is where we all need to wear clothes. We all want to look good and feel good no matter where we are going! It's all about what makes us feel good!

Let's also take a sec to talk about this pullover because it makes me feel good. It's from heaven. I am certain of it! Ok, it's actually from Southern Shirt Co. Nevertheless, it is so perfect for winter and perfect for layering when this weather really takes a turn for the worse! I plan to wear it anywhere and everywhere…like the super market, hiking, girls nights in, running, lounging by the fire. This thing is going with me everywhere! Moral of the story…you need one! Or five. 

So here's to being ourselves, here's to shaking it off like good ol' T Swizzle suggests, here's to us all being loving and supportive of EVERYONE. This world needs a lot more love and a lot less jealousy. Let's work on that!…It also needs a lot more pullovers…in my opinion. Go grab yours with an additional 10% off with code Lauren10 at check out!



  1. For each 1 person that hates you there are at least 3 that love you. Everyone is going to have people that don't like them, whether they know it or not. Just remember that there are a lot more people cheering for you than cheering against you. So just keep doing your thing.


  2. LOVE THIS!! The pictures in the shopping cart.... genius. I couldnt' agree more with everything you wrote, haters gonna hate and its crazy how much effort people put into being rude to others. Great seeing you last night!

  3. um hi. yeah... I LOVE YOU. Just needed you to know that. I always love looking at your outfits because they are relatable. Something I would actually wear! Not some fancy pants outfit that I dream of wearing. So... haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. I think I said enough of them. Love you dearly.

  4. this is SO cute. your blog is one of my faves!!
    xx nikki

  5. i love your post's!!! great outfits, always gives me ideas :)

  6. you're an inspiration!!!! this is so amazing. i've beem playing with the idea of adding fashion posts to my blog, but i'm not a fashionista either...but you are so right! i love how relateable you are, and honestly, i unfollow high fashion blogs all the time because they are boring. you keep it up girl, because you got it goin' on!!

    xoxo, kiely

  7. how did i miss this post?? you're amazing.
    fashion is such a funny thing like that. everybody's style is so different and that's what makes it fun and interesting. what you might like to wear on a date night, might only be super market worthy to others. and WHO. CARES. everybody's style is different and everyone's life is different. i for one know that my life isn't at a place where i feel like i would ever buy/need $900 heels. ummm no. just take me out to eat good food please. not that buying pricey stuff like that is bad. if that's you, awesome! but don't be putting down people who like their $15 sneakers from ross ;) haha i love that place.

    anywho, now i'm rambling sooooo ya. just wanted to let you know that you're awesome. even though you probably already know it. and also, so many people love your style! so keep doin you girlfriend.

    we love ya :)


  8. Wow, I wouldn't in a million years think that someone would have you/your blog because of your style. I personally love it, it's down to earth, it's relatable, it's what I would wear on a daily basis, - cute, comfortable, and fresh. I've been following your blog for a long time and rarely comment, mostly admire you, your style and your beauty, - I think your stunningly beautiful and your hair is amaaazing, and your style is awesome, so, if people are looking for something different they can move on, but I don't understand why be rude. Keep doing what you are doing, there are a lot of people out there, like me, who love you and love your blog. You are gorgeous! :)


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